folder Final Results 2022


pdf R1 Bamfords TF National Weymouth Popular

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R1 Bamfords TopFlight National Weymouth 2022.pdf

Congratulations of Williams Brothers from Oldbury for winning the Bamford's TopFlight National from Weymouth 2022. 

pdf R1Y Weymouth Yearling Classic Popular

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R1Y Weymouth Yearling National.pdf

Congratulations to Williams Brothers for winning the MNFC Yealing Classic from Weymouth 2022. 

pdf R2 Chale Countrywide National 2022 Popular

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R2 Chale Countrywide Full Result 2022.pdf

Congratulations to S Bartholomew SE121 from Bromham for winning the Countrywide National from Chale 2022. 

pdf R2Y Yearling Classic Chale Popular

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R2 Chale Countrywide Yearling Result 2022.pdf

Congratulations to Mr S Bartholomew from Bromham for winning the Yearlig Classic from Chale 2022. 

pdf R3 GEM Kingsdown National 2022 Popular

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R3 GEM KIngsdown National 2022.pdf

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs E Corkett & Sons  of Leighton Buzzard for winning the Gem Supplements Kingsdown National 2022. 

pdf R3Y Yearling Classic Kingsdown Popular

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R3 Kingsdown Yealing Classic 2022.pdf

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Eric Corkett of Leighton Buzzard for winning the Yearling Classic Kingsdown 2022. 

pdf R4 Excelsior Guernsey National 2022 Popular

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R4 Excelsior Guernsey National 2022.pdf

Congratulations to N G Webb SW136 from Wolverhampton for winning the Midland National Flying Club from Guernsey 2022. 

pdf R4Y Yearling Classic Guernsey 2022 Popular

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R4Y Guernsey Yearling Classic 2022.pdf

Congratulations to Astbury and Horton SW13 for winning the MNFC Yearling Classic from Guernsey 2022