folder Final Results 2018


document Bordeaux 2018 Popular

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Bordeaux 2018.docx

Congratulations to Mr Mark Williamson for winning the Eric Milner Bordeaux National 2018. 

pdf Carentan 1st World War National Popular

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Congratulations to Bateman Brothers for winning the Midlands National Flying Club 1st World War Memorial Race from Carentan 2018. 

document Falaise YB National 2018 New Popular

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Falaise 2018.docx

Congratulations to Williams & Wilks of Cleobury Mortimerfor winning the Don Mckay Memorial National from Falaise 2018. 

document Portsmouth Countrywide 2018 Popular

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Portsmouth 2018.docx

Congratulations to D & J Leitch (SC0244) for winning the Portsmouth Countrywide National 2018.

document Portsmouth Gem Supplements National 2018 Popular

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Portsmouth YB 2018.docx

Congratulations to M Godfrey, Walsoken for winning the Portsmouth Gem Supplements National 2018

document Tours Poppy Appeal National 2018 Popular

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Congratulations to Mr T Kirman of Liverpool for winning the Tour Poppy Appeal National 2018. 

document Vire National 2018 Popular

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Contratulations to Mr John Bellerby for winning the Geraldy Vire National 2018.