R4 Guernsey Excelsior National 2022

Saturday 16th July 2022

270 members have sent 3620 birds to Guernsey

The birds were liberated from Guernsey (4245) at 06.05 in a light North East wind.  

Good luck to all competitors.

Guernsey 2022        
  Actual Members Percentage send Members Sent Birds
North Central  199 16.1 32 353
North East 167 24.0 40 545
North West 157 15.3 24 311
South Centre 125 23.2 29 514
South East 147 35.4 52 826
South West 168 16.7 28 401
West 231 21.2 49 566
West North West 68 23.5 16 104
Totals 1262   270 3620


Click image to access survey



Click Image to Access Survey


Telephone Verification numbers

NC Section  0333 7722143
NE Section  0333 7722148
NW Section 0333 7722152
SC Section  0333 7722153
SE Section  0333 7722156
SW Section 0333 7722158
W Section   0333 7722163
WNW Section 0333 7722164

The MNFC uses the RPRA's TPRS to compile our race results. Each clock station has their own account and their result can be produced and uploaded to the cloud. Clock stations results can be downloaded so that a full provisional result can be completed on the day of the result. The final result with prize money and pools can be completed the next day and posted on the results website and the club's website. If you would like to complete your clock station result please contact Jon Dodd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  If you are already a RPRA TPRS user you will login into a clock station account. You can use the same data to produce your local club / fed results. RPRA TPRS Results We can provide training for you to learn how to use the RPRA TPRS for your clock station and club results. All hard copies are sent to me in the normal way for checking. 

TPRS has the capability of providing us with a full list of birds sent to the race at each marking station. The marking station lists are uploaded to the cloud and full list of all entries can be downloaded and printed out. The electronic list can be checked if necessary against a vaccination uploaded before the season starts if required. All clock station results can be checked against the marking station lists and clock serial numbers and chip rings can be checked at a click of a button to increase security of any race. Marking data uploads ring numbers, chip numbers, serial clock and the time of when the birds are marked to the cloud. The process has been used at the Lords v Commons race the last few years and trialled at Grimsby MNFC marking station. Whilst the fancier signs the sheet the marking data is extracted and the clock along with baskets and sheets handed to the fancier from the OIC. Each marking station list is downloaded from the cloud to automatically compile one full list. The list is exported to excel for printing. Manual clocks do require a manual input using a person's race entry sheet. 

Good luck to everyone on Saturday, enjoy the race. 

J Dodd

The club's handbooks are being posted out this week to all members which have paid their subscriptions. 
New Marking Stations
Huddersfield at Bradley Cricket & Bowls Club,
Bar Street,
Leeds Road,
OIC ic Mr A. Leech
Shaw Marking Station 
OIC P Beck and Mr S Chapman
West North West Section
The committee have reinstated the west north west section for the 2022 season. All members will recive their new competing numbers with their handbooks. The boundaries are 53-40-00n and 2-32-00w 



winners montage

Midland National Flying Club

Ace Pigeon Awards 2021


The MNFC Ace Pigeon Awards have been awarded since 2008. The are three categories, Middle Distance Award, Long Distance Award and Young Bird Award. There are two categories within each award, OPEN Award and Section Award.
The formula used to calculate the results are pigeon position x 100 divide by the total entry. The OPEN Award is based on a member’s open position and total birdage in the race.
The SECTION Award is based on a member’s section birdage and total birdage within a section.

Middle Distance Award 2021
This award selects a member’s best three performances from the four MNFC races 2021, Holmsley, Weymouth, Yelverton and Guernsey both for OPEN and SECTION coefficients.

Click to open Results Middle Distance Award Opens

Click to open Results Middle Distance Award Sections

Long Distance Ace Pigeon OPEN SECTION Awards
Unfortunately, this award could not be awarded this year due to distance racing from France being curtailed. The awards are normally calculated from two races. The first race must be the club’s longest race and the second race is the best performance from any old bird race from the same old bird race season.

Young Bird Ace Pigeon Award
This award could not be awarded this year due to the club having only one YB race. In previous years, pigeons have had to have results in both YB events to qualify for the awards.

Member’s do not need to apply for these awards. The club runs the Ace Pigeon reports. The reports are published on the club’s website. The first three in the OPEN Award category and the first in each SECTION category will win an MNFC Ace Pigeon Diploma.

Jon Dodd
MNFC Secretary