Bamfords Top Flight National - Carentan

Saturday 25th May 2019

The birds have been liberated at Carentan at 07-45 in a light west wind and they cleared immediately.

The forecast for the channel shows good conditions with west north west winds at around 8-11 MPH. We wish you all good luck and hope that you have a good race.

We do apologise for the delay of the text service this morning. Our service provider encountered a technical problem, which resulted in the delay to the message going out. We have stressed to them the need for this to be significantly improved for future races.


Please note below the new phone verification numbers to be used for each section. These replace the phone numbers on the rear of the verification cards in the Official Handbook.

Alternatively you can also log in and use the on line verification service on the MNFC website.

South Centre Section 0122 7903062

South West Section 0122 7903059

South East Section 0122 7903071

East South East Section 0122 7903076

East Section 0122 7903078

North East Section 0122 7903081

North West Section 0122 7903082

West Section 0122 7903084

North North West Section 0122 7903085

North Centre Section 0122 7903086

North Section 0122 7903087

East North East 0122 7903089


Carentan 2019 Entries Members Sent Birds
East 35 356
East North East 19 178
East SE 20 245
North 22 233
North Central  5 42
North East 26 228
North NW 48 415
North West 37 484
South Centre 43 430
South East 69 710
South West 47 429
West 71 692
Totals 441 4442

Dear Members,

This year's handbooks have been posted out to fanciers.

Since going to print we have had notification that Ancenis is not available. The committee decided to use Nord-Sur-Edre. The distances were sent for and will appear on your information sheet and in your member's area from the website. 

Good luck for the season.


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