Averages winners 2023:
Mr & Mrs A Hargreaves vel 1372 nw & MNFC combine
C Leadbeater and sons vel1339 south west
mr & mrs j wiles vel 1314 south east
f Bristow north east vel 1292
mr & mrs j Passey & family vel 1268 south centre
A&E Bamford vel1251 west north
J & B Oakley vel1177 west
Richard bros vel 1096 north centre

midlands national exchange race result weymouth september 9th
1st purchase &walker z33910 vel  1355  breeder d & t sherratt  win  £1200 (£600 each)
2nd n.darby z33282  vel 1328 breeder m.porter
3rd r & b smith z15672 vel 1309 breeder g.cole
4th g.unsworth & son z29264 vel 1280 breeder j.winstanley
5th d & t sherratt z00224 vel 1240 breeder purchase & walker
6th  a.tonks z08241 vel 1226 breeder mr & mrs wallker
7th j.winstanley z24632 vel 1075 breeder g.unsworth & son
8th j & r wortley z24039 vel 1061 breeder dg cardell
9th s.bowden & son z19657 vel 1045 breeder e.corkett & sons
10th h.gravill & sons z16932 vel 1039 breeder c.mcmanus
11th mr & mrs a hargreaves z12048 vel 1025  breeder n.foulkes
12th r.ricketts  z14758 vel 1014 breeder p.b & w hyatt
13th g.cole z22001 vel 984 breeder r & b smith
14th mr & mrs a hargreaves z12039 vel 952 breeder n.foulkes
15th a.tonks z08242 vel 933 breeder mr & mrs walker
16th e.corkett & sons z32842 vel 614 breeder s.bowden & son 
17th mcgraw & holmes z05766 vel 598 breeder carr & wolfenden

Don't forget all these birds are in the pot £800 in the first OB Race in 2024 also



Fanciers requirements for channel racing:

1. CPH number printed

2. Proof of registration with a vet practice

3. Loft declaration form

4. Vaccination form suplied and signed by club officials 

5. Attestation form supplied and signed by the vet on their loft visit