Deadline for write up of Provisional winners is 7pm tonight (Tuesday 28th May) for going in 7th June BHW magazine.
Please if you haven't done so already can you forward details. 
Thank You
Jonathan Hamplett of Stafford Provisionally 1st Open Carentan
In 1st South West Section and 1st Open, we have Jonathan Hamplett from Stafford.
No stranger to success ,this is his second national win at his current address .
He previously raced in a very successful partnership with his late father Harold who was both a huge fan and stalwart of the MNFC
Jonathan sent a strong team of 36 birds to the race and had just the one away on Saturday evening. Preparation for the race was four inland races in his local club Penkridge RPC with the Wolverhampton Fed.
Liberated at 7 am in  South East wind , a fast race was expected and just before the 4 1/2 hour mark two pigeons arrived slightly off line but certainly in a hurry to Jonathan’s lofts situated in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside
The first bird over the pad was a two year old blue hen on her maiden channel race.She is a well-balanced blue w/f hen and is now called “Harry’s Girl” after Jonathan’s late father.She is bred from a fantastic looking stock cock from Bart and Nancy Van Oeckel and a very nice hen from Bosman Leekens. Both of the parents were purchased at a Stuart Wilcox auction in Blackpool a few years ago
The second pigeon timed was a two year old hen but this one originates more from Jonathan’s long established channel stock.In fact she is a half-sister of a pigeon that finished third open MNFC Carentan last year.This certainly seems to be a fantastic line for producing top performing channel pigeons
Jonathan was clearly delighted with his latest MNFC win and expressed his gratitude to John Dodd and his team for all of their hard work behind the scenes in organising the race
Photo shows Jonathan holding his MNFC winner
        Provisional Top 5 Section Winners
Please could the top 5 in each section email, WhatsApp or Facebook Message me over a photo of you holding the bird and a short write up about bird, system etc.
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dean Mckee - Messenger
07538657274 - Whatsapp
1.J Hamplett- 1611.353
2.C Leadbeater & Sons-1572.652
3.M Lovelock-1572.528
1.J&B Oakley-1608.204
3.B&P Crowe & S&J Worral-1580.920
4.R&B Smith-1577.274
2.A&S Rushton-1585.084
3.A&S Hughes-1571.573
5.P&L Brennan-1562.608
1.G Marskell-1570.139
2.D Hogg-1564.914
3.J Kenyon-1561.473
5.Mr J S Hampson-1553.191
2.I Pirvu-1562.991
3.Mr&Mrs J Passey&Family-1550.407
4.Kevin Johnson-1541.225
1.R Arnold-1495.366
2.Mr&Mrs E Corkett&Sons-1456.811
3.Mr Barry Hobbs&Son-1447.038
4.Mr J Pether-1438.700
5.M&D Godfrey-1410.933
1.Roger&Mark Duffield-1462.601
2.Wilkinson Family-1458.414
3.Mr&Mrs Stapleton-1444.712
4.C&R Gorrill-1437.483
5.D Kelby-1434.464
1.Simon Parkinson-1432.019
2.Mr Jack Cawdron&Costello-1366.731
3.Mr Frank Bristow-1362.806
4.Mr Howard Jackson-1351.008
5.K Frail&Hewitt-1336.917
To view the provisional result select Race Entry 2024 on the left hand side of this screen and follow the following steps
Click on the 3 lines at the right of the screen
Select Race Results
Tick Federations
Type in Midlands National 
Race Year 2024
Race Carentan Provisional
Scroll down to view result.
  Carentan 25th May 2024
Birds have been liberated at 7.00am in a Light East Wind turning Light Variable on land.
Birdage - Carentan 25/5/24
NC Section 44 Members 379 Birds. 
NE Section 21 Members 249 Birds.
West 46 Members 498 Birds. 
SE 40 Members 493 Birds. 
SW Section 36 Members 443 Birds. 
NW Section 51 Members 640 Birds. 
WN Section 34 Members 228 Birds. 
SC Section 29 Members 440 Birds. 
297 Members Sent 3,370 Birds.





Please note if you are having difficulty logging in to the new online entry portal. Please read the instructions in the link above. The online portal system has no login glitches and all accounts have been tested. Please take your time and check your details and enter them correctly. The link to the portal is accessed by selecting Race Entry 2004 from the left menu. 
If your email address is incorrect or you have not registered an email address with the MNFC then please email the MNFC Secretary Mr J Dodd
at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
If your email is wrong on the details sent to you by the club, please get them updated by contating me by email.  You will not receive a confirmation email from the club when you enter races, verify online or pay for subs order rings etc. if your email address is incorrect. 
Please check your password carefully to see if you are mistaking a zero 0 with capital letter O or a capital I with a lower case l or possibly a number 1. 
Make sure you use capitals or lower case accurately. 
If you haven't sent to this race please check your details ready for the next race. The system is working correctly. 
Good luck for the race


                        Young bird sale
Get ready to start bidding on the golden opportunity young bird sale that starts (TODAY) Monday 13 May at 7.30 pm and Closes at 9pm (TODAY) on What’s App, check out the fantastic quality bloodlines of these youngsters on offer from these top National winning fanciers a rare opportunity to purchase from the best.
Lot 1 Donated by H. M.King Royal Lofts , a special pigeon to start the sale on
Lot 2 J&B Oakley , Winner of the west section averages for the last 3 years , also the top loft in de duif in the UK in 2023
it will not be long before they win a national . sire is full brother to Caesar he bred 10th open MNFC Carentan
dam is a daughter of our pied pair, who is a full sister to 5 section winners in national races, she herself bred our young bird in 2023
who should be all after this one. 
Lot 3 Donated by Mr & Mrs A Hargreaves they have won 3 times 1st open MNFC , they won 1st Open MNFC Fougeres 2023, and also the combine average winner in MNFC 2023.
sire won 1st fed 3675 birds,11th fed 3372 birds, 7th section MNFC, 9th section MNFC, is sire is the top frans zwol cock when paired to a daughter of ayres rocket 1st open MNFC.
dam is lady linda  1st open MNFC Fougeres 2023, her sire is r.b smith cock also sire to a 1st mcc dam is frans zwols as bred bred first fed winners
what a pigeon to buy.
Lot 4 Donated by M. Godfrey twice first open MNFC,  1st open MNFC 2023  Weymouth. This young bird will be gran children to 1st MNFC ace pigeon middle distance , plus 4th open MNFC Portsmouth
dam is 1st open MNFC Portsmouth  a good pigeon to buy
Lot 5 Donated by R & B Smith twice 1st open MNFC , 1st open MNFC yearling classic Carentan 2023, sire is a direct son of holme star 1st section 9th open Ancenis NFC, 1st section  8th open Fougeres 
plus other top performances dam is holmestar beauty 1st open MNFC Countance 8903 birds, plus 1st club 5th fed Yeovil.  outstanding pigeon full of national winners.
Lot 6 Donated by G. Downing  1st open winner in the MNFC, sire lambrecht bred by B.Temple won 7 x 1sts plus 1st Worcester fed, and 2nd Worcester fed  dam lambrecht 1st section and 2nd section BICC Guersney well up in the open results.
this is one of the best lofts in the West Midlands. 
Lot 7  Donated by Dutton & Emery  1st open MNFC 2023 ,  sire is the sire to Williams Bros ace pigeon of the MNFC 2022, dam  is the 1st open young bird MNFC winner in 2023
a super pigeon one to Buy. 
Lot 8  Donated by Mr & Mrs E. Corkett & Sons, 5 Times 1st open MNFC  winners, sire  is there 1st open Kingsdown plus as well as 1st fed Exeter, 1st Fed Yeovil  Gust Janseen X Wildermeesch
Dam is daughter of Euro Bond 007 , probably the best son of Den Euro , Euro Bond is sire to 40 X 1st prize winners , what a pigeon to buy. 
Lot 9  Donated by G.Crawford 1st open MNFC Bordeaux, , this young bird is off Red Anfield  1st open MNFC Bordeaux , what a pigeon to buy for the distance flyers. 
Lot 10 Donated by M.Betts  3 times 1st open MNFC winner, sire is Mr Vire winner of many club and fed prizes , 2nd open MNFC Vire, 1st open MNFC 2Bird Nom Vire, , He is sire to many winners and grandsire as well
As 3 x 1st Section national winners. Dam is a direct Gustaf Boekmans she is a full sister to 1st national Ace Pigeon Short Distance, She is dam and gran dam of winners
What a special one to buy. 
Lot 11 Donated by Crehan & O Connor , 1st Open MNFC winner, What a pigeon this is Sire is bred off New Harry when paired to a Daughter of Harry
Dam is a Daughter of New Harry when paired to a Sister of Harry, This is a very special pigeon
Lot 12 Donated by S.Parkinson winner of 2 times 1st open MNFC, This pigeon is direct off Princess Leah 1st open MNFC Fougeres. 
Lot 13  Donated by Jonathan Hamplett a 1st open MNFC winner , 2nd and 3rd open MNFC Carentan 2023. 
Sire 8th open NFC SIGOGNE. Dam is a granddaughter to Koen Minderhouds Geeloger
This is one of the best lofts in the country in National races, this is the one to buy. 
Lot 14 Donated by Frank & George Bristow  3 times 1st open MNFC , and a KINGS Cup winner as well.
Pair 1 George’s Boy paired to his grand daughter, he won the MNFC Vire race by over 7 minutes, 7000 birds. He’s also winner of the of the BHW middle distance trophy and a son of our 2013 NRCC Kings Cup Winner Oscar.
Pair2 The blue cock was 2nd Open MNFC Vire. He’s a direct Dirk Ver Voort and is now paired to a grand daughter to Luc Ver Voort’s super couple Kareltje X Godlife. She also won as a youngster, yearling and two year old for us before going to stock.
We offer two young birds, one from each pair or two from one pair.
It’s the highest bidders choice.


                          Whatsapp Group
At Sundays Committee meeting it was passed for myself to create and setup a WhatsApp group for The Midlands National Flying Club in order to reach out and keep all our members in the loop of all news and events.
Any member that would like to be added could you drop me a message with your name and section to 07538657274. Also could members get  the word out to other members who may not be on social media who would like to be added to the group.
Dean Mckee



        Double Exchange Race
The double exchange race for 2024/25 entry has now closed.
Prize money will be £1300.00
£780.00 Young Bird 2024
£520.00 Old Bird 2025
Teams have been picked by the number generator live on zoom. The teams are has follows -
P Grayson     -      Adams Bros
A Maile           -     M Wood
M/M Jakings    -    J Atchinson Son
D&T Sherratt  -    M/M D Walker
R McGraw      -     Purchase & Walker
N Folkes       -      G&L Bowes
N Darby      -        M Porter
S Palmer    -        Perkins & Seymour
J Winstanley  -    D Nesbitt Sons
Colishaw & Johnson -  S Bowden Sons
M/M Corkett & Sons  -  G Cardall
P Whitfield   -    D Lowe
Williams & Willett  -  J Wortley



  Breeder/Buyer 2024

Sales open to all RPRA Members to donate but must be rung with a MNFC Z ring.
Rings can be purchased by non MNFC Members at £1 per ring plus postage.
The Purchaser has to be a MNFC Member
Venues and dates confirmed so far are -
Peterborough Bowls Club, Burton st, PE1 5HA.
Saturday 2nd March 2024 Penning from 13:30pm start 14:15pm
Sunday 31st March 2024 Penning from 13:30pm start 14:15pm
(Contact Andy Seymour 07776 296286/ Geoff Jakings 07507 722739)
Stoke, Berryhill Working Men’s Club, ST2 0AQ.
Friday 1st March 2024 Penning from 19:00pm start 19:30pm
Friday 15th March 2024 Penning from 19:00pm start 19:30pm
South Kirkby Miners Welfare,Pontefract,WF9 
Saturday 30th March 2024 Penning 12.15pm 
start 13.00pm
(Contact Dean Mckee 07538657274)
Rowley Regis  
Wednesday 6th March Penning 19.00pm Start 19.30pm
Sunday 24th March Penning 11.30am Start 12.15pm
Rowley & Blackheath Club, 5 Hawes Lane, Rowley Regis, B65 9AL
Bamfords Corn Mill
Saturday 16th March Penning 10.30am Start 11.00am
Bamfords Corn Mill , Midge Lane, Leyland, PR26 6TN 
Sunday 7th April Penning 12.00 Noon Start 13.00pm
Mersey Pub,146 - 148 Mersey Road,Widnes,WA8 0DT                





The AGM was held at the Clock Warehouse, Shardlow on 7th January at 1.00pm there were fourteen members present. The minutes of the previous AGM were read out and with no matters arising they were passed and accepted by the members attending. The accounts were presented by the treasurer reporting on the difficulties the Club encountered racing from France and the costs of vets attending marking stations plus the loss of income from a reduced membership resulted in a loss of £28,000 . The accounts were discussed at length and all agreed that every aspect of the Club’s spending and future costings would need to be assessed and difficult decisions made to take the Club forward. The accounts were accepted and passed unanimously.
There were 81 resignations which were accepted with regret, the secretary reported that more than 50% of these fanciers had left the sport, on the plus side we had accepted 29 new members.
Permission was given to destroy old documents and with this done all offices were declared vacant. Alistair Ewart was re-elected as President, Tony Whitehurst chairman and Geoff Jakings vice chairman. The vice presidents remain the same with Sean Bowden moving up to vice president, the  committee remain the same with the addition to the committee of Dean McKee  NC section, the Press officer will be a shared position with Dean McKee and Miss Laura West taking on the task. Both Alistair Ewart and Andy Seymour were made Life Vice Presidents 

Result of the postal ballot was that both propositions passed and Rule 6.4.1 now reads, Ring Sales, Club rings will be £9.00 per 20, plus a further £4.00. Post & Packing to be added to all orders, any increase in price will take effect until the start of next season. Rule 25.1 now reads, The first 50 birds in the open result of each race shall receive a diploma plus any bird taking a position in the first 10 in each section, not appearing in the first 50 open. The meeting closed at 1.40 pm 


This was followed by a committee meeting.

The minutes of the December meeting were read out and in matters arising it was decided to review the race programme which was put forward at the previous meeting, with this noted the minutes accepted and passed.
The secretary Jon Dodd’s position was confirmed by the committee, and Miss. Laura West to remain as treasurer.
The race programme was discussed at length with most of the committee getting involved airing their views and the importance of trying to set a realistic entry fees for 
each race to be viable for the Club. It’s an almost impossible task to set the entry fees not knowing how many birds will be entered. It was also noted that the early season could be blighted by cold north east winds and a bad race from Guernsey could impact badly for the later races, with this taken into account, the committee decided all the old bird racing would be from France, staying true to the aims of the club in promoting long distance racing, give the membership the fairest and balanced racing for the middle part of the UK. The following race programme and entry fees was proposed and accepted. First race Lessay on 25th May entry fee £5.50 per bird; second race Fougeres on 8th June entry fee £6.00; third race Nort-sur-Erdre on 29th June entry fee £7.00; fourth race Rouillet Saint Estephe entry fee £8.00 and fifth race Vire entry fee £5.50 on 20th July. The young bird and old hens races on 7th September will be from Chale entry fees £4.50.
The prize presentation evening will be held at the Quorn Hotel, Quorn on Saturday 9th November 2024. There will be several breeder/buyer sales at different venues around the country terms and conditions and sale days will follow. Any inquiries please contact the secretary.
The meeting closed at 2.30pm


Tony Whitehurst Chairman




Midland National Flying Club Trophies Winners 2023

The annual prize presentation took place on 5th November 2023 at the Quorn Grange Hotel, Wood Lane, Quorn LE12 7DB