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The difficult decision has been made to put back the two young bird races by 14 days. Additionally the first race is now scheduled for the 8thSeptember and will now be from Portsmouth to save on ferry costs to the Isle of Wight. The final race flown from Falaise will also take place two weeks later on the 22ndof the month. The committee is aware that this will be a disappointment to some members but due to abnormally high losses and also the fact that several organisations have postponed racing because of the hot weather it will hopefully result in a better send a little later in the year. We sincerely hope that though some will be disappointed that at least they will understand the reasoning behind these decisions. We realise it is a case of damned if we do and damned if we don’t. It is really a no win scenario.

Mike Lakin  

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MNFC Bordeaux & Vire Double Header

Bellerby John anc 17 with his bird and gun dogs

John Bellerby Provisionsal 1st Open from Vire.

After a one day holdover the birds were released into sunny skies and a good race was expected which proved to be the case.

The 4000 plus entry of Vire birds were liberated at 6.15am in a no wind conditions which turned more Westerly enroute. The provisional leader of the pack on this occasion is the Spalding loft of popular fancier John Bellerby with a velocity of 1403. Looking at the leader board in the top 15 placings are are no less than 7 sections. To sum up a good race with excellent returns being reported.


Mark Williamson Provisional 1st Open from Bordeaux.

From the ‘Blue Ribbon’ race from Bordeaux an excellent bird looks likely to take the top prize for Ashbourne’s Mark Williamson with a velocity of 1256. I will report more fully in a few days on the many excellent performances in these two events.

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                                                                                                 Mike Lakin 

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