Race Programme 2021

Race Programme Updates

Holmsley Saturday 29th May 2021

Weymouth Saturday 12th June 2021

Yelverton Saturday 26th June - Race Marking Friday 25th June

Gurnsey Saturday 24th July - Thursday 22nd July £3.75 per bird


The committee and myself are of the opinion the members would much prefer channel racing to inland races and for that reason we have waited for the latest information from the RPRA before deciding the final two old bird races. With the prospect of no racing from France in the near future and Guernsey being available from the 1st July the following decisions were made. The third race will be flown from Yelverton on Saturday 26th June, race marking Friday 25th June birdage be £2.50, the fourth race will be flown from Guernsey on Saturday 24thJuly, race marking Thursday 22nd July birdage be £3.75 use the Vire race forms.

Please note that this race is one week later than planned due to the limited liberations on Guernsey and July 17th being fully booked up.

Tony Whitehurst-President