Press report 18/07/20


Midlands National Flying Club Thanks You

 I would like to start by saying after four stressful months during the COVID-19 lockdown worrying about handbooks being printed, transporters to maintain and trying to stay safe it was a relief when finally word came we could commence racing in June. Then came the task of deciding what racing the Club would support and the committee decided on a three race old bird programme from Carentan, Fougeres and Vire also there would be an old cocks race together with an old hens race liberated with the young bird races from Chale and Carentan.

I would like to personally thank the transport committee  namely John Gilbert, secretary Jon Dodd for all their hard work in getting everything in place to enable the Club to function in race mode.

Also a big thank to all the marking station officials and the markers who have given their services in what is a difficult situation given the ongoing social distancing regulations. Thank you also to the  clock station officers who had to go the extra mile following a weekend holdover.

Finally thank you to all the members who supported the race and I hope we put a smile on your face when you look at the prize money paid out, in relation to other organisations the Club should feel well satisfied, the Club has never looked to make money from members entry fees, and have always tried to pay out as much as possible from the race income after expenses and I can report the prize money pot is a very healthy £8000 plus a £1500 bonus sanctioned by Mark our treasurer. Thank you everyone and good luck with the racing.

Stay safe, Tony Whitehurst-President