Covid-19 Update 18/05/19



With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly getting better and now able to train our pigeons, the prospect of racing our pigeons is high on every fanciers agenda. The latest information is that we may be able to race our pigeons after the 1st. June and with this in mind the committee has made the following decision. The first race will be on Saturday 4th. July from Carentan , second race on Saturday 18th July from Fougeres and a third race on Saturday 1st August from Vire.

The committee also decided that there will be on old cocks race as well as an old hens race liberated with the young birds races from Chale and Carentan. The old cocks race will be flown with the same prize money allocations as the old hens race.

The RPRA are currently working on a protocol for the safe marking of the pigeons which they will announce soon but with the safe distance rule staying in place there will be obstacles to overcome and race marking could take longer and I would ask all members for their patience and consideration for the marking station workers.

Handbook update; we could not have gone to print at a worse time and there has been all kind of problems to overcome but I have been assured that the handbooks will be ready before the end of the month and will be sent out as soon as possible thereafter.

Take care, stay safe.

Tony Whitehurst-President