With the government now giving details of the route out of the Covid lockdown there is a light at the end of the tunnel and every expectation that pigeon racing will able to start in readiness for the Clubs race programme to start as planned. We shall be servicing our vehicles and sorting out the M.O.T’s in readiness for the off.

There is still the business of holding the postponed AGM and fixing the date for this is not that simple and my thoughts are hopefully we can hold the meeting in early June but no date has been set yet.

The handbook is at the printers and in the final stages of amendments and is almost ready for printing, the plan is to post out the handbooks in early April to all paid up members. Subscriptions are coming in steadily and on the plus side at present we have sold 63,000 rings and also 1315 gold rings raising over £7000 to race for in the Chale and Kingsdown YB races. More good news for the Club is we have had 118 new members joined for the 2021 season which gives me a lot of optimism for the wellbeing of the Club.

The 2021 Annual Dinner & Presentation is now booked for Saturday 13th November at the Doncaster racecourse and with the increase costs at the venue the tickets costs will be £40; the Club as also secured discounted accommodation at the Hilton Garden Inn, at Doncaster Racecourse , full details will be in the Club’s 2021 handbook. I know many  2020 prize winner will be disappointed not to receive their deserved plaudits due to the cancellation of last years dinner but any 2020 winners wishing to attend  this years dinner we will arrange to present and photograph them with their awards.

I wish all fanciers the best of luck during the breeding period and good fortune in the 2021 racing season.

Tony Whitehurst-President



Today I have received the result of the postal vote of AGM propositions and I understand we are in very difficult times and the response to the postal vote was very disappointing but nevertheless a result was made. Proposition no1 carried votes for 45 against 3 abstain 2 ; proposition no2 carried  votes for 38 against 11 abstain 1; proposition no3 carried  votes for 40 against 10. With the acceptance of proposition no1 will mean there will be two ‘Gold Ring’ races and  the income from the sales of gold rings sales will now  divided equally between the two races, if for any reason there is only one YB race then all income from gold rings sales will be paid out in this race. At present there is almost 1000 gold rings sold, so why not join the gold rush, the rings are £6 each with a limit of 10 per loft, which should guarantee  very competitive YB races.  The acceptance on proposition no2 will mean the committee have the freedom to pick the old bird race programme without the constrictions of rule 22.3  which states that a race must be flown with a   minimum flying distance  of 451 miles. Proposition no 3 will mean the subscriptions will rise to £33 in 2022 this will be the first increase in subs since 2014 and one the committee thought necessary.


Another big concern for the committee is the cost of race marking the pigeons averaging £2500 per race, it has been suggested we could close down some of the marking stations but thinking back 40years when there was only one marking station, the committee took the view that the only way for the Club to grow was to open more marking stations which proved correct. So rather close any marking stations and after a lot of debate the committee made the decision to increase the marking fee to £4, which will certainly help towards marking station costs and one the committee hopes the members will understand.

Good luck with the breeding season and stay safe everyone.

Tony Whitehurst - President


Following the latest government announcement regarding the Cov-id restrictions the AGM has been postponed until such a time as the government restrictions allow for the meeting to be held safely. The new date will be advertised in the media and on our website as soon as it is known. Members intending to vote on the AGM propositions please do so by the closing date of 8th January as these results are needed to finalise some race conditions and amendments to the handbook.

Tony Whitehurst-President



The committee took the decision to divide the income from the sale of gold rings between both of the young bird races in 2021.
To enable this to go ahead a proposed rule change is needed at the AGM.
At the moment Jon reports he has sold over £3000 worth of gold rings and everything is pointing to not one but two bumper GOLD RING races
Tony Whitehurst- President


September Vice Presidents Meeting

Firstly I would like to thank all the members who gave their time to help at the marking stations and run the clock stations under very difficult circumstances, without these dedicated members racing would not have got off the ground.

AGM update;

With the present lockdown situation and the number of people who can meetings it is unlikely the meeting can go ahead on the 10th January 2021, however any propositions for rule changes at the AGM must be received by Saturday 28th November 2020 as advertised in the handbook and the accounts and propositions will be sent out for the members consideration as normal. The new date for the AGM will be advertised in the BHW and on the Clubs website.

Old hens race & Old cocks races;

The committee expressed their opinion that these two races combined with the YB race was very financially beneficial  with the extra birdage and extra income. The committee agreed to have the races again in 2021 but they will be amalgamated into ‘ Old Bird Satellite Races’ flown in conjunction with the 2021 young bird races, these satellite races will not be included in any averages, there will be open and section prize money; three open prizes paid out 50%,30% & 20%; section prizes paid out up to a maximum of three prizes, 1 prize up to 50 pigeons entered, up to 100 pigeons 2 prizes paid out 60% & 40%, over 100 pigeons entered 3 prizes paid out 50%, 30% & 20%. Also there will be a trophy for the first cock and  first hen.

Annual Dinner & Presentation;

Had been rescheduled for Saturday 13th March 2021 at the Doncaster Racecourse but with the ongoing Covid restrictions the committee felt we would struggle to get the numbers to make it viable and therefore the 2020 dinner has been cancelled and we are looking at ways to present the winners with their trophies. The date of the 2021 dinner November 13th 2021 at the Doncaster Racecourse to coincide with the Racing Pigeon Show.                                                                                                                                                             

2021 Race dates;

The old bird race dates are Carentan Saturday 29th May, 

Fougeres Saturday 12th June,

Nort-Sur-Erdre Saturday 26th June,

Bordeaux & Vire Saturday 17th July;

There was much discussion regarding the young bird races and the disastrous losses from the channel races over the last few years and many members indicating that they would not be sending their young pigeons over the channel again. With this in mind it was proposed and passed that the two young bird races will be Chale Saturday 28th August & Kingsdown Saturday 11th September. Both of these races shall be gold ring races and the income from the gold rings sold will be shared equally between the two races.

North West Section;

The secretary reported he had received much criticism from members saying it was too big and unfair for members in the west of the section and had received a petition from 158 members asking the committee to think again and consider dividing the section in two. The secretary reported there were 490 members in the west section which is more than twice the size of the other sections. After much debate it was proposed that the NW section be divided on the longitude 2-32-00W to reinstate the West section, the vice presidents and committee voted to pass the proposition.                                                                                                                                          

Committee members;

I have been informed that three loyal committee members will be standing down at the AGM, Norman Bridgewater has been an active member for many years also running the Bromsgrove marking station and a past race winner is nearly 90 years old and felt it was time to stand down. John Gilbert who has worked tirelessly on the transport committee and runs the Atherstone marking station, also getting up early on race days doing the race controller duties, he’s been a great asset to the Club and committee and has done a fantastic job who will be sorely missed, John has had some health issues this year and is waiting for an operation on his knee, thank you John and I wish you the best of health in the future. Mark Williamson who is a relative new comer to the committee came on board at a very dark time in the Club and has sorted out a very difficult situation which was left at his door, put in place a way forward for accounting and keeping a track of the income and expenditure and with some smart bookkeeping has put the Club back in a good financial position, thank you Mark.

Tony Whitehurst- President