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 The MNFC Race from Fougères  

It’s Looking Good for Mr & Mrs Jakings

The second race of the Midlands National’s 2017 calendar from Fougères showed us once again how much the wind direction and speed affects the result of a pigeon race. In the first race the Eastern airflow helped the Western sections of the club now this time we see a complete reversal with the Eastern side of the country being the beneficiaries with the leading places being dominated by the ‘Eastern Block’.

Many members were both surprised and disappointed when the MNFC made the decision to hold the impressive entry, of in excess 8,000 birds, on the Saturday but we did this following advice from our weather experts, who include the BBC Meteorology team, who all correctly predicted that a belt of rain that stretched right across the country to the North of Birmingham would, in all probability, adversely affect the outcome of the race for the fanciers in these areas. All of the silly talk of a biased decision to hold the birds waiting for the wind to change is simply that ‘silly talk’ and a slur on the people who are controlling the race. We are well aware that many Federations did in fact hold successful races on the Saturday but it should be remembered that it is far easier to race control a Federation race but not so easy with a National organisation that is 300 miles wide from East to West and roughly 200 miles North to South. The MNFC simply refuse to gamble with our members valuable pigeons. We prefer to leave that one to the bookmakers.


Geoff Jakings with his grandchildren Layla and Harry admiring the Provisional National winner.

Back to the race and as is the norm I only give the absolute bare bones with this first initial report. This is simply because the provisional result often contains errors made by the members and so to go into great detail could be dangerous. The Provisional race winners are as the heading says Geoff & Geraldine Jakings of Yaxley. In a brief chat I was informed that their Provisional National winner is a 2 year old hen that won the Yearling Classic race from Ancenis last year so the bird as we say up in the Potteries is a ‘Good un’. There will be more info on her and the other winning birds in the full report. So I will leave readers to study the Provisional result that is attached to this short piece. So as ever if your name is in the top four places in your section get in touch with me, preferably by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I must apologise to members for the delay in getting the Coutances report in print before now but I am in great pain at the moment with a trapped nerve in my back which is aggravated whenever I sit at the computer but I promise I will keep taking the tablets and get up to date.

                                                                                           Mike Lakin



Snook was in touch today and has informed me that they have taken the birds off the darkness now and they are exercising well and kitting up.  Hopefully training will commence in a fortnight's time weather permitting.  JS