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Another new starter

The success of the Homing Pigeon Starter Pack. This is part of the 'Flying Back to Naure' project set up by the MNFC. The following video has been produced by Tommy and his family. Apart from the free loft, birds, corn and equipment to get started, there are a number of small fun educational projects to complete as part of the package. Tommy is currently breeding his first pair of birds and generating a presentation to document the life cycle of the birds. This provides a fantastic educational experince which he will be able to use in his English and science lessons. It also helps us display to parents the benefits of having an active hobby based on safe nature in the back garden.  We are currently dealing with several new starters with late breds being sent out to get them up and flying pigeons. Our Secret Messages project in schools has had excellent feedback from staff and it generates lots of interest by young people. I'll add an update of this year's school visits and the responses from schools. The usual response is that pigeons are cool and where can we get some from?  More details of the project can be viewed at