MNFC Coutances Liberation News

Monday 18th September 2017

The birds were liberated at 8.30am in a north north west wind. The birds cleared very well. Good luck to all members.

2017 Membership Members Sent Birds
East 26 280
East North East 12 108
East SE 12 217
North 51 602
North Central  12 110
North East 32 319
North NW 23 149
North West 34 368
South Centre 18 136
South East 40 368
South West 48 445
West 41 482
Totals 349 3584



One Loft Final Race Carentan  - Liberation News  

Saturday 16th September 2017

Congratulations 1st is J P Hulme GB17P11708 16:57:15.70

Velocity 958.803

Final 2

The live arrival list is located at 

Please select the drop down menu One Loft Results - Final Result Hotspot 

The HOD will is the same as this weekend's MNFC race.  The race is open until 300ypm.

Day 2 arrivals only will appear on tomorrow's arrival list. These bird's velocities will be processed and will added to the full result.

Prize money and pools will be added later in the day. (Please note: zero velocities indicate birds which have not arrived home yet. When the race is finalised these birds are removed from the result). 



(Click Here)

The birds were liberated from Carentan at 9.00am

Good luck to all competitors.

Race Secretary, Jon Dodd

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