The Midlands National Hall of Fame

 2016 Hall of Fame
Harold Hamplett, Gary Daykin and Geoff Kirkland

The Club has now formed a new and very exclusive ‘club’ which has been christened the ‘Midlands National Hall of Fame’ and at the moment there are just three members which consists of Geoff Kirkland who is probably the best known fancier in the UK and on whom the title of ‘Legend’ sits very comfortably.  On the left is the great Harold Hamplett who was prominent in the first ever MNFC race and after a plethora of National wins is still ‘clocking them’ in 2016. Harold was speechless to get his latest award and was actually shaking with emotion. Good on you Harold and please get your voice back so I can get a full and in depth report on one of the country’s greatest ever flyers. Finally the third of this exclusive trio the ‘Magician’ Gary Daykin who has been recognised for not only Gary’s fine racing performances but also his involvement and passion for the MNFC which makes him well worthy of his place in the ‘Hall of Fame’. So there you have it an exclusive but not a closed shop and a huge target for all ambitious fanciers to aim for.  

To see the full MNFC Presentation article together with lots of photos follow this link.


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Clock Stations 2017

Would all Officials I/C of Clock Stations please take a look at their entry in the 2016 MNFC Handbook (whilst you can still find it) and  make any necessary amendments for 2017 by ringing Eric Millner on 01298 83435.

Yes, we really are working on the 2017 MNFC Handbook now!

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