Celebration Night for the MNFC Stars of 2015

The Doncaster race course Gala Suite was once again the chosen venue for the Midlands National Flying Club’s latest presentation, the night when the Club celebrates with the season’s ‘super stars’. Without a question of doubt the Gala Suite is a fantastic place to hold a celebration evening where once again over 200 people were in attendance. 

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The Midlands National Flying Club

‘Putting Plans Together for a ‘One Loft Race’ in 2016’

Without a doubt it is abundantly clear that there is a demand for ‘One Loft Racing’. A few of the MNFC Committee have been mulling over whether the Club should be getting involved and if so what exactly we can offer that perhaps others can’t? Well after the initial hesitancy the Committee of the Club have taken the plunge.

The Midlands National Midweek Training Scheme

‘Wow What a Response’

mnfc transporter 3

MNFC Geraldy Transporters capable at taking 16,500 birds in total comfort.

A Maximum of 22 birds or less per crate for all channel events.

Though the proposed idea of a midweek training scheme by the Midlands National Flying Club is only a few days old it is clear that the idea looks like a popular one to many of the Club’s members. On the MNFC’s website a good number have already signed up to the plan.

For people who may have missed my ‘press release’ a couple of weeks ago. I will re-iterate the plan. It comprises of 8 training flights from either Hullavington  or Newbury or the option is there for members to send your birds down to the South coast. The Western side will have a separate collection and liberations. The pigeons will be collected on Tuesday afternoon or evening depending on where

you are situated. The birds will be released on the Wednesday at a time to suit  the majority of the members. In total it is planned to have flights with the old birds 2 with in between the remaining old bird races. Then it is planned to hold a further flights for young birds prior to the first MNFC young bird race.

Though it is early days the scheme will work on a Season Ticket to ‘purchase’ a crate for the season for a proposed price of £110 which based on 25 birds per crate equates to £13.75 per toss (55p per bird). This we believe is good value for a training flight from the coast. The season ticket purchase will protect the viability of the idea. 

Obviously this offer is only open to MNFC  members but non-members can join up with us to take full advantage of our latest proposed project. 

Some Federations as we are well aware already offer a good race programme which gives members ample opportunities of getting their birds down to the coast well in advance of the Mid Nat’s opening race and these people may be happy to use their local club to prepare their pigeons. On the other hand many Federations adopt a financially cautious ‘slowly, slowly’  approach this may satisfy club flyers but is very frustrating for more ambitious fanciers who want to prepare properly in advance of the Nationals channel programme. These are the very people to whom we are aiming this facility. 

Additionally quite a few members have phoned the Club to enquire how it will work and their comments have been very positive. The next step will be to push the scheme at the three major shows Doncaster, Telford and Blackpool and a leaflet will be in the A.G.M. paperwork. So there will be plenty of chances to sign up to what we believe will be an excellent chance to get your birds properly and adequately prepared before the long channel races. I personally will definitely be having a basket because besides the old bird training it is a wonderful  thing for my babies and though I aren’t a big fan of young bird racing it is a great way of getting budding, apprentice channel birds used to the MNFC ‘s  Geraldy crates and watering system.

So if the plan appeals to you get signed up and show us the colour of your money because talk can be cheap but cold cash is real!

Please complete the following form so we can register your interest. Once we have enough members to make this viable we will make it possible to pay online for the service and have a form which you can pay at the shows. If you have already signed up for the scheme please contact local fanciers to you and help drum up the necessary support. Why not arrange a midweek race amoungst yourelves!




Mike Lakin



MNFC Information - Bordeaux Race July 2015

Due to an outstanding appeal regarding the result of this race, the club are not able at present to issue prize money or cards in respect of the SE section or open results. The initial RPRA appeal to region will not be heard until January 2016 and, if there is a further appeal to Council, the matter will not be decided until March 2016.
The committee sincerely regrets this situation but their hands are tied by the RPRA appeal procedure which is beyond their control.
David Glover
Appeals secretary

Welcome to The Midlands National Flying Club

The club was formed in 1964 with the objective of promoting long distance, classic pigeon racing in the Midlands.

In more recent years the catchment area has increased to encompass an area stretching from the east to west coasts of the United Kingdom, as far south as Newport Pagnell and up to Scarborough and Lancaster and the southern Lake District in the northern sections.

The club area is divided into ten sections and the total club radius and section boundaries are defined within club rule 2.5. Map of the club's boundary .

The club is open to any RPRA member whose loft is within the prescribed boundaries and an application to join this forward thinking club is just a click away on the menu alongside.

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