MNFC 2016 'Poppy Appeal' Ancenis Race                   

‘Bill’ Does the Job for Hobbs & Son

The third race of the 2016 season was flown on schedule for a change on the 2nd of July when 3,923 birds were liberated at 6.30am into a West South Westerly breeze. With the influence of a fresh West wind on the channel it was generally accepted that the Eastern sections would benefit from the conditions on the day this proved to be the case but as will be revealed in this report there was several excellent performances put up by Westerly section members and their pigeons. Considering the difficult racing prior to the event the entry of just under 4,000 birds was reasonable though this reduced figure obviously affected the size of the prize pot. Read More

MNFC John Pether Enjoys a Dream race from Bedhampton

As it has already been well chronicled that the Midlands National’s Mayenne race was substituted due to a 3 day holdover and very little prospect of a successful liberation any time soon the decision was made to come ‘back home’ to Bedhampton even then it was a total of nine days before the 7,176 birds were released into sunny conditions and a light North Westerly breeze at 8.15am.Read more

 ‘Louella Pigeon World’ Coutances

 ‘Lightning Strikes Twice For Albert Farrow’

In 2013 Albert won 1st National from Vire with the MNFC and now thanks to a ‘Lightning Fast’ Louis Cooreman based pigeon and it is a second victory for this successful Northamptonshire loft when stern opposition of 8,961 birds entered by 861 members were conquered along with a fresh Northerly breeze to claim both the National and 1st Yearling Classic victories. The winning bird was bred by Tim Christmas and now is named ‘Mr Christmas’.Read More

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