Due to the many inconsistencies surrounding the above race and the preparation for the actual race, the Management Committee of the MNFC will be holding a meeting, in the very near future, to investigate the problems that occured and to decide on the remedial actions that are to be taken.

The outcome of this meeting will be published on this Website and hopefully in the Fancy Press as soon as possible after the meeting has taken place.

                                                            Roy Jones - President MNFC


                MNFC Coutances YB Flash Report

 D & J Hawkins & Evans Look Like Taking The Top Spot

At 9.00am on Sunday the 18th September 2016 the final race of the season the 4,000 plus convoy of young birds were released after a one day holdover due to the strength of the North North Westerly wind on the channel throughout the day on the Saturday. This seemed to be to the dissatisfaction of a few but surely the decision made by the Club following long and protracted discussions with the weather experts and the fact that there is a MNFC rule in place (22.7) that the action taken was the correct one. And credit should be given for the decision.

Fortunately the wind on Sunday had abated to approximately 12-15 miles per hour on the channel so the birds were released knowing that it was still going to be a hard slog for these young apprentice birds. Make no mistake it must be a daunting and frightening task to face open sea on their maiden flight without the help of a ‘wind up their tail’ to give them a gentle push over the channel.

It's all smiles from the Hawkins & Evans Team

Once that big hurdle had been completed the birds gradually headed up the country where the more Northerly located members’ pigeons would benefit from a wind turning to a more Westerly and even a South Westerly direction in places. This proved to be the case with the Probable first four members on the result being in the North section in and around Doncaster area and the leading bird belonging to the well-known loft of Dave and John Hawkins and Evans of Dunsville putting up an excellent calculated velocity of 1295. This is a highly respectable speed of over 44 mph and the first 14 members timing birds with velocities in excess of 1200 yards per minute. Which when the wind direction is taken into account is a fine effort from all of these novice pigeons.

Due to the holdover at this time I have no further details to hand of the winning bird but they will all be covered in more detail along with all the other section winners and the members who timed in the leading ‘Gold Ring pigeons’. So once again if your name is up in the top four of your section, please get the details and a photo if possible in to me - my email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I would like to add congratulations to all members whose bird stood up to this tricky race on a very testing day. The future looks very bright for these ‘little warriors’.

                                                                                      Mike Lakin


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