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2016 Dinner and Prize Presentation 

If you have won a section race in any of our seven races then I would advise that there is a handsome trophy awaiting your collection at the forthcoming Presentation to be once again held in conjunction with the Old Comrades Annual Show at Doncaster Racecourse on Saturday the 12th November. A full list of trophy winners including the Ace Pigeon winners and Average winners will be in the papers in a few days. So my advice is to turn to page 107 of the 2016 Handbook and get your bookings in for the presentation and booking for hotel accommodation because there are only a limited number of rooms available. If you come along I guarantee that you will enjoy a grand night in good winning company.

                                                                                                Mike Lakin


2016 Annual General Meeting

This is due to be held on Sunday 8th January 2017 and therefore all propositions to amend or add to the existing Rules & Regulations should be submitted in writing to be in the hands of the Secretary by Saturday 12th November 2016.

                                      Jon Dodd Secretary




                 Midlands National Flying Club

                     One Loft Race Statement

At a meeting of the full committee of the MNFC held on Sunday the 9th October the decision of the One Loft Race Committee was endorsed. This is to pay each of the birds that reached the final race from Coutances an equal £329 share of the total prizemoney on offer.

This was considered to be the fairest way of dividing the Prizemoney as it was felt in the circumstances that a ‘roll over’ of the Prize pot was not a viable or realistic option to take.

We would like to stress that the 2016 event was at no cost to the Club or her members as all of the expenses were covered by the initial entry fees of the birds.

In this way if the Club is to hold another One Loft race in the future that it is essential that it is done from a totally ‘clean slate’. The Club is exploring the option of holding another series of races with a fresh experienced Manager and from a different, purpose designed location. This it is felt will be essential to offer a race series that is a credit to the MNFC, her members and the One Loft supporters who are wishing to compete with us.

The Club Committee accepts and holds its ‘hands up’ to the undeniable fact that errors were made this year but it is believed that the mistakes have now been identified and will be rectified. In the future if we are to continue with the One Loft event it is vital that our Race is one which we can all be justifiably proud of!

                                                        President Roy Jones