folder Final Results 2019


pdf Ace Pigeon Award Long Distance Section 2019 Popular

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rptAcePigeonAwardsLongDistance_Section 2019.pdf

pdf Ace Pigeon Award Middle Distance 2019 Open Popular

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rptAcePigeonAwards-Middle Distance Open 2019.pdf

pdf Ace Pigeon Awards Middle Distance Section 2019 Popular

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rptAcePigeonAwards - Middle Distance Section 2019.pdf

pdf Carentan 2019 Result Popular

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Carentan Final Result 2019.pdf

Congratulations to Mr D Cartmell of Stoulton on winning the MNFC Carentan National 2019. 

pdf Carentan YB National 2019 Popular

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Carentan YB 2019.pdf

Congratulations to Crehan & O'Connor from Salford for winning the Don MacKay Carentan National 2019.

pdf Eric Millner Bordeaux National 2019 Popular

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Bordeaux National 2019.pdf

Congratulations to Mr Gary Crawford of Tarleton for winning the Eric Millner Bordeaux National 2019.

pdf Fougeres National 2019 Popular

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Fougeres Final 2019.pdf

Congratulations to Mr Gary Downing of Smethwick for winning the Fougeres National 2019.

pdf Geraldy Transporter Vire National 2019 Popular

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Vire National 2019.pdf

Congratulations to Mr Simon Parkinson of Crowle for winning the Geraldy Transporters National Vire 2019.

pdf Nort-Sur-Erdre National 2019 Popular

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Nort Sur Edre National 2019.pdf

Congratulations to J A Hamplett of Stafford for winning the Nort-sur-Erdre National 2019.