Saturday 13th November 2021 at

The Doncaster Racecourse, leger way,

Doncaster DN2 6BB


Dear Members,

We look forward to celebrating the achievements of this years prize winners. Please note that if you have won 2nd 3 rd or 4th open and 1st  section in the national races there are engraved trophies for you to keep. If you are not able to attend please can you contact a committee member so that these trophies can be presented to you.

Tickets for the evening can be booked through, Mr A.Whitehurst 37 West End Drive, Shardlow, Derbys DE72 2GY.  Please use the booking form in the handbook or available from the clubs website. Please check website  for further details and location map.


NAME OF TROPHY                  AWARDED FOR                           WINNER

Convoyers cup 1st open Holmsley S.Bowden & son
2nd open trophy Holmsley Astbury & Horton
3rd open trophy Holmsley G.Unsworth & sons
4th open trophy Holmsley J.Richards & Sons
North centre section trophy Holmsley M.Betts
North west section trophy Holmsley A & S. Rushton
North east section trophy Holmsley D.Barrett
South East section trophy Holmsley Mr & Mrs. E.Corkett & sons
West section trophy Holmsley G. Unsworth & sons
South centre section trophy Holmsley KJ.Walker
F.Atkins trophy Weymouth PB. & W Hyatt
2nd open trophy Weymouth F. Banister
3rd open trophy Weymouth F.Banister
4th open trophy Weymouth C.Crick & sons
West section trophy Weymouth P.Dolan
North centre section trophy Weymouth Betts, Topham, & son
North west section trophy Weymouth Mr & Mrs A Hargreaves
South east section trophy Weymouth F.Banister
South centre section trophy Weymouth J & G Dutton
North east section trophy Weymouth D. Footitt
Hamplett & Shelton trophy Guernsey Mr & Mrs E .Corkett  & sons
Haiths cup Guernsey Mr & Mrs E.Corkett & sons
A.Prime cup Guernsey D.Aston
Lorna Hemsworth trophy Guernsey C.Leadbeater & sons
J & T Whitehurst trophy Guernsey E.Corkett & sons
2nd open trophy Guernsey D.Aston
3rd open trophy Guernsey C.Leadbeater & sons
4th open trophy Guernsey Astbury & Horton
North centre section Guernsey P.Lee & son
North west section trophy Guernsey Mr & Mrs A. Hargreaves
South centre section trophy Guernsey D.Aston
South west section trophy Guernsey C.Leadbeater & sons
North east section trophy Guernsey C Creighton
West section trophy Guernsey J. & B Oakley
Malcolm Down mem trophy Guernsey P. Lee & son
Jess Dolby rose bowl Guernsey P. Lee & son
Tom Birch trophy Yelverton Mr & Mrs P.Shaw
2nd open trophy Yelverton D.Aston
3rd open trophy Yelverton D.Aston
4th open trophy Yelverton P B & W Hyatt
North centre section trophy Yelverton A.T Brown
North east section trophy Yelverton D.Footitt
South centre section trophy Yelverton D.Aston
South East section trophy Yelverton S.Palmer
West section trophy Yelverton Bateman Bros & son
North west section trophy Yelverton M. Brindley
Dickinson Cup Weymouth YB P.Oberholster
Lady Diane Memorial trophy Weymouth YB P.Oberholster
G J & M Spooner  RU YB Weymouth YB Mr & Mrs C.Ryan
E Akers mem trophy Weymouth YB Somers Bros
Shimwell mem trophy Weymouth YB R.Pearson
2nd open Weymouth YB Mr & Mrs C. Ryan
3rd open Weymouth YB F.Banister
4th Open Weymouth YB A. Maile
North west section trophy Weymouth YB Mr & Mrs C Ryan
North centre section trophy Weymouth YB A.Paddie
North East section trophy Weymouth YB S. Parkinson
South centre section trophy Weymouth YB Mr & Mrs M Perkins
South west section trophy Weymouth YB J.Barry
West section trophy Weymouth YB J & B Oakley
Gold ring trophy Weymouth YB P.Oberholster
Beyers Yearling classic Holmsley S. Bowden & son
Beyers Yearling classic Weymouth A.Tonks
Beyers Yearling classic Yelverton Mr & Mrs P.Shaw
Beyers Yearling classic Guernsey D. Aston
Combine average   C.Leadbeater & son
Sun city trophy   C.Leadbeater & sons
A.White cup Runner Up  Combine Average A.Tonks
Hillside cup Old bird average A.Tonks
Galaxy lofts trophy Comb aver 2 longest races D.Aston
Ken & Cath Lycett trophy Best average 1st old bird 1st YB S. Bowden & son
Fearn shield OB aver NW section M.Brindley
James Burden mem trophy Comb average NW section M.Brindley
F.Albrighton mem trophy Comb average SE section P.Lane & son
P. Bartley & son trophy Comb average W section J & B Oakley
Jess Green mem trophy Comb average SW section C. Leadbeater & son
R. Whitmore mem trophy Comb average NE section D.Footitt
MNFC NC section trophy Comb average NC section Parry & Ellis
MNFC sc section  trophy Comb average sc section Mr & Mrs J Wright
S.Shimwell mem trophy Comb average derbyshire P & S Harrison