AGM Update



Today I have received the result of the postal vote of AGM propositions and I understand we are in very difficult times and the response to the postal vote was very disappointing but nevertheless a result was made. Proposition no1 carried votes for 45 against 3 abstain 2 ; proposition no2 carried  votes for 38 against 11 abstain 1; proposition no3 carried  votes for 40 against 10. With the acceptance of proposition no1 will mean there will be two ‘Gold Ring’ races and  the income from the sales of gold rings sales will now  divided equally between the two races, if for any reason there is only one YB race then all income from gold rings sales will be paid out in this race. At present there is almost 1000 gold rings sold, so why not join the gold rush, the rings are £6 each with a limit of 10 per loft, which should guarantee  very competitive YB races.  The acceptance on proposition no2 will mean the committee have the freedom to pick the old bird race programme without the constrictions of rule 22.3  which states that a race must be flown with a   minimum flying distance  of 451 miles. Proposition no 3 will mean the subscriptions will rise to £33 in 2022 this will be the first increase in subs since 2014 and one the committee thought necessary.


Another big concern for the committee is the cost of race marking the pigeons averaging £2500 per race, it has been suggested we could close down some of the marking stations but thinking back 40years when there was only one marking station, the committee took the view that the only way for the Club to grow was to open more marking stations which proved correct. So rather close any marking stations and after a lot of debate the committee made the decision to increase the marking fee to £4, which will certainly help towards marking station costs and one the committee hopes the members will understand.

Good luck with the breeding season and stay safe everyone.

Tony Whitehurst - President