Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Once you have entered the race, refunds may only be given at the discretion of the management of the club. Entries must be completed by 2.00 pm on the Sunday prior to each race. You can add further birds and pools to your entry up until 2.00 pm on the Sunday prior to the race. Race dates and entry dates are published for each race in the handbook and on the website. You will not be able to amend pools or delete birds once entered into a race. Should you wish to add extra birds and pools the entry will incur a further administration charge. You will have successfully entered the race once your credit or debit card has been accepted by Worldpay. The MNFC will email you a copy of your Form A entry plus confirmation of which marking station and clock station you have chosen. Worldpay will email confirmation of the acceptance of your credit / debit card details. Should your debit credit card details be refused by Worldpay you will not be entered for the race.

Rule 28 covers pool money that has not been won. In the event of this happening the club will make a refund in writing and by cheque. Without this rule the club would be faced with chaos with fanciers possibly changing their minds due to wind direction.

MNFC Rule 28 Unwon Pools and Prizes:

In the event of guaranteed prize money not being won through insufficient arrivals at the close of the race, such prizes shall remain with the Club. In the event of insufficient arrivals to claim pools then the pools be re-allocated amongst those successful entries. Any pools not won be returned to the members who entered these pools, less the 10% administration. Race fees and pools are not returnable to members whose birds fail to arrive at the marking station.

MNFC Rule 29. Claims:

The secretary will deal with claims made in writing for positions, pools and prizes from published race results. Items that are unable to be resolved by mutual agreement between the secretary and the member will be deemed a grievance or objection under rule 9.
MNFC Rule 9. Grievances and Disciplinary Matters.

Any grievance or objection with the club shall be referred to the committee for consideration and must be accompanied by a fee of £20.00 inclusive of VAT. Should the objection be won this fee will be returned.