AGM And Committee Meeting 2019



The meeting started at 1-00pm and the minutes of the 2019 meeting were read and passed as a true record with no matters arising. Tim Mourne our accountant gave a review of the balance sheet and commended the Club and the treasurer for the steps taken to turn around the losses of the previous two years to one of a modest profit, however he warned against complacency and the Club should always be looking to operate in the most efficient way.

Resignations, there were 144 resignations which were accepted with regret on the plus side we have had 40 new members.

At this point the president declared all official positions be vacant and following the voting the Club officials are; President Mr A Whitehurst; Senior Vice Presidents Mr G Spooner & Mr N Bridgewater; Chairman Mr A Ewart; Vice Chairman Mr G Daykin; Vice Presidents Mr J Dodd, Mr G Daykin, Mr J Gilbert, Mr A Ewart, Mr J Turner, Mr M Williamson & Mr P Harrison; Transport Committee Mr J Dodd, Mr J Gilbert & Mr G Daykin; Race Secretary Mr J Dodd; Treasurer Mr M Williamson; Committee Mr M Middleton, Mr M Fitzpatrick, Mr J Woof, Mr A Seymour, Mr G Jakings , Mr S Mellor Life Vice-President,  Mr Dave Hemsworth has stepped down from the committee due to his ongoing health problems and he felt he could not give 100%, his contribution and service was commended by the committee and it was proposed and accepted he be made a Life Vice president along with Mr Norman Bridgewater recognising his outstanding service to the Club. The result of the postal ballot is as follows, Proposition 1. Carried 53 for 1 against; Proposition 2 Carried 53 for 1 against; Proposition 3 Carried 50 for 3 against 1 abstain; Proposition 4 Carried 49 for 3 against 2 abstain; Proposition 5 Carried 50 for 3 against 1 abstain; Proposition 6 Failed 9 for 43 against 2 abstain; Proposition 7 Failed 5 for 47 against 2 abstain.

That concluded the AGM and a Committee Meeting followed

The minutes were read and accepted as a true record;

Race dates 2020; On Saturday 4th Jan. I was contacted by a NFC committee member who told me our two Clubs could be looking at a financial disaster as  our race dates clashed on the first three races which included the proposed joint liberation race. We would also be clashing with two other continental Clubs and a combine, and he asked if we could have a look the dates to see if we could come up with an alternative. Jon Dodd and myself spoke at length and made a proposal to the NFC to put the joint liberation race back one week and the MNFC would put their first two races back one week which would solve the clashing problem. The NFC have informed us they could not support our proposal as it could interfere with the basketting for their longest race. The outcome is that there will be no joint liberation race in 2020 but hopefully the Clubs can look at it again next year. The committee after much discussion and in the best interests of the Club and members voted to put our race dates back by one week. The races dates are now as follows;

Race 1 Carentan                                       Saturday 30th May 2020    Entry fee £3.75 per bird                                                                                                     

Race 2 Fougeres                                       Saturday 13th June 2020    Entry fee £3.75 per bird                                                                                                   

Race 3 Nort-sur-Erdre                              Saturday 27th June 2020    Entry fee £4.25 per bird                                                                                            

Race 4  Bordeaux                                       Saturday 18th July 2020     Entry fee £5.50 per bird                                                                                          

Race 5  Vire                                                  Saturday 18th July 2020    Entry fee £3.75 per bird                                                                                       

Race 6   Chale YB & old hens                     Saturday 22nd August 2020  Entry fee £3.00 per bird                                                                                  

Race 7   Carentan YB & old hens               Saturday 12th September 2020  Entry fee £3.75 per bird                   

Old Hen Races; With the return of the Old Hen races and not knowing how they will be supported, the last time they were flown there was less than 200 entered it was passed the races will be for Open prizes & Open Pools only, there will be four Open prizes paid out, 40%, 30%, 20% & 10%.     These races will be reviewed at the season.

The committee also set the race dates for 2021 and they are as follows,

Race 1 on Saturday 29th May 2021; Race 2 on Saturday 12th June 2021; Race 3 on Saturday 26th June 2021; Races 4 & 5 on Saturday 17th July 2021; Race 6 YB on Saturday 21st August; Race  7 YB on Saturday 11th September 2021

Computer & Website; the Club have been meeting Peter Humphries and Viv Oliver to identify the problems and the fact we need the services of a website manager and to this end we have secured the services of Joe GravIl who I’m sure will be a great help to the Club, I cannot give you more details as it is all way above my head.

Marking Stations; Kings Lynn, Seven Lakes Country Park, North Lincoln and Bolton stations are no longer available, but there will be a new station near Doncaster at the Bentley Working Mens Club with Chris Espris in charge and a new station at the Angel Inn, Shaw Road, Royton, Oldam OL2 6DY, Chris Ryan will be in charge. We are also looking for a suitable venue in the Grimsby area and if there is anyone out there who could help, it would be appreciated.                                                                                                                                  

Tony Whitehurst, President