Midlands National Young Bird Portsmouth

Midlands National Young Bird Portsmouth

It’s Simply too Close to Call

When the decision was made to alter the race dates for the two young bird races this season it certainly upset a good number. The motives may have been honourable but with many having holidays booked and birds starting to fall apart in the moult quite a lot of people have decided to shut up the loft for the season. Quite a number also queried the price but it would have been very difficult to alter the price for the substitute event which could have caused mayhem with many sending in the original birdage prices. One thing we do guarantee is that the entry fee profits will all be used as prizemoney which judging by the understandably low entry figure and the holdover will certainly be much needed. 

 So after the originally planned release date on the Saturday being called of very early due to the dark damp rainy conditions the strings were cut and the birds liberated at 9.00am in the morning into sunny conditions and a light South Westerly breeze. Obviously the conditions favoured the more Easterly sections and this proved to be the correct call as the East South East section looks likely to lead the way home though it is too soon to call Mick Godfrey of Walsoken looking likely to be the main beneficiary as he has the Provisional velocity of 1913.4 but Kings Lynn’s Perry Brothers and Son are just .2 of a yard behind according to the leaderboard so until the full details are checked out it would be foolhardy to make any declarations at this present time.

  Hours of Darkness Change for Falaise Race

 Before I leave members to study the leaderboard I have been instructed to inform members sending to the final Falaise race that the hours of darkness which may well come into force for the longer flyers especially if the race turns out to be a tough one have now been changed : The race will now close at 19.14pm and re-open at 6.58am next morning.

                                                                                          Mike Lakin