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Dear members,

Our 2018 handbook has been posted to all paid members. The MNFC committee would like to wish you good luck for the 2018 season. 

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The MNFC One Loft 2018 season

The MNFC full committee and One Loft committee have evaluated the 2017 season and have implemented a number of changes for the 2018 season. These changes have been made to the MNFC One Loft Rules 2018. These rules are located on the MNFC One Loft website at  We hope you find the new site easier to navigate around so you can find all your information you require. Our very successful Facebook page is also integrated within the website. Information on the Facebook site will also be replicated on our MNFC One Loft Blog. You should be able to locate these links from the website address above.

You can receive a text message of when your bird arrives home from each training flight and hotspot race. You can login into the results database and observe the progress of your birds much easier. The login details will be sent to you via email once your details have been registered with the club.

The live arrivals page for training and all races shows the team name, ring number and time of arrival.

A full result including pools and prize money will be displayed once the velocity of the race has dropped to 330ypm. The actual time of 330ypm will be calculated based on the distance flown and published so that you know when the full result will appear later in the day. This ensures that all birds qualify for the Ace Pigeon Awards. We do have the facility to monitor the development of the Ace pigeon Awards after the second hotspot race. These results can be updated following the third and final races. 

We know the MNFC team has all learned from the 2017 season and we strive to make this an excellent experience for all competitors. The birds next year are going to be liberated with race birds on a Saturday to provide better education and preparation for the final race.  

If you would like to join the 2018 One Loft please complete the following application form.

Kind regards

The MNFC Committee