Chale 22nd August

The first young bird race of the season for the Midlands National Flying Club sponsored by Aviform took place from Chale on the Isle of Wight, when 89 members sent 1080 young birds and 861 old birds. The liberation took place at 7:45 on the 22nd of August in a fresh south west wind with the forecast for periods of sunshine with some rain showers in the west expected to fade out as the wind increased during the morning. The east of the country made the most of the fresh west wind by recording velocities of nearly seventy miles per hour with the winning birds trapping to the loft of Terry Roughton of Wisbech doing 2025 yards per minute.

Once having a strong north road following, Wisbech town lies in the far north-east of the county of Cambridgeshire, bordering Norfolk and only 5 miles south of Lincolnshire. Many if not most of the MNFC members in the area will have raced with the North Road Championship Club in the past and Terry has had many near misses in winning a National, having been 2nd Open NRCC five times, so he is especially happy to have won the Midlands National Flying Club outright and on this occasion he will also have the added bonus of his sixth 2nd Open National to keep the tradition going.

Five birds came together for him, with two trapping immediately and the other three not far behind, but as Terry was also racing from Lyndhurst 144 miles, he was not sure if they were all from Chale 156 miles with the MNFC or mixed with the federation birds, as the timing of the liberations meant it was possible they would come home around the same time. Upon checking the ETS display, he was happy to see the MNFC birds had come very well and expects them all to feature very high in the final result.

Now being partially retired, Terry admitted he had previously been a little more relaxed over his system and routine “when you have to be at work by 8am you make sure everything is done before you go and coming home after 5pm, you make the most of the evenings” he said. This season he had determined to make an effort to get back to a basic timetable and the birds have responded well to the routine although instead of training from a short distance twice per day, he decided that on the south road route, they needed a good one hour fly home each time, so had joined together with a couple of friends to share the training. Taking it in turns with Mick Godfrey to drive the birds for a 40 mile training toss three times a week has definitely paid dividends as they each had pigeons very high in the result from Chale.

Terry has for many years been a member of the Midlands Social Circle and always attends the social events in the company of Carl Upsall and Stuart McCurry. Together these great friends have bought and exchanged pigeons which resulted in the breeding of the MNFC winner with a blend of top Classic winning pigeons, from bloodlines which excelled at the middle distances. Stuart McCurry bred the father from a pair which consisted of a Syndicate Lofts bred pigeon of “Kanabaal” lines owned by Carl Upsall, paired to one of his own MNFC winning birds via his Paul Stobbs bloodline and the dam was bought by Terry and Carl together from Terry McGeechen in Scunthorpe, who had developed a winning family based on Gevaert Van Schoorisse bloodlines crossed with some of the best Janssen based families. Indeed, it was a good day for this breeding as his first bird in the Federation race from Lyndhurst was bred by the same parents. 

He paired his birds during the last week of December before going on holiday to their apartment in Florida and returned just as they were hatching. They were then put onto the darkness system in March and were just looking to pair together with eggs just appearing on the floor as they were basketed for Chale. They will now be left to go to nest for the MNFC race from Carentan in three weeks’ time. 

In his absence the birds are cared for by his good friend Tony Manning, who always looks after the pigeons when required and comes to sit with Terry on race days to see them come home. Tony has had pigeons most of his life but in his retirement is happy to assist Terry where possible and it was appropriate that he should be photographed with Terry holding the 2nd MNFC winning hen which is bred from Ian Cameron bloodlines. 

Terry was happy that as the two birds trapped within a second of each other, the cock was the first on the list as he can finally honour a promise made to his son Ben, the name a National winner after him and the hen in second place, beaten by loftmate, has been named after his wife Amamda. Well done Terry and as the President of the Midlands Social Circle I am delighted you have become yet another National winning member to divulge some of your knowledge to our guests. 

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