Please find bellow the verification numbers for old cocks + old hens

Old hens classic 01530 542044
Old cocks classic 01530 542303
Please find bellow the race numbers for Vire:
Section Members Birds 
North Central 50 621 
North East 66 717
North West  109 1317
South Central 60 922
South East 78 1055
South West 50 682
Open 413 5314

Old Hens & Old Cocks races flown in conjunction with the Young Bird races

I feel I should clarify the situation and reasoning behind these OH & OC races which are being flown with the young bird races. The last time the OH race was about ten years ago and due to the lack of support, there was less than 200 birds entered, and the Club was paying out open and section prizes together with trophies for the open and section winners the Club was losing a lot of money, it was just not viable to carry on with the OH race.

I and other committee members in 2019 were asked if the Club would consider holding the OH race again in 2020 and after due consideration  decided to give it a go and not knowing how the members would support the race it was decided we would make it open prize money only paying out four prizes of 40%, 30% ,20% & 10% and open pools only. If however the races are well supported the committee will look at having the OH races again in 2021 and possibly paying out open and section prize money.

Along came the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown and when we were able to start training and racing our pigeons it was feltmembers would want as many races as possible, the committee took the decision to include an OC race with the young bird races. This being an afterthought there were no race sheets included in the handbook and I would ask members who are thinking of sending to the races to photocopy the OH race sheets or alternatively they could use the surplus ‘Nort-sur-Edre & Bordeaux’ race sheets. Please take note the price of birdage for Chale is £3 per bird with open pools only marking on Friday 21st August and Carentan is £3.75 per bird, open pools only marking on Thursday 10thSeptember.

Tony Whitehurst-President



Midlands National Flying Club Thanks You

 I would like to start by saying after four stressful months during the COVID-19 lockdown worrying about handbooks being printed, transporters to maintain and trying to stay safe it was a relief when finally word came we could commence racing in June. Then came the task of deciding what racing the Club would support and the committee decided on a three race old bird programme from Carentan, Fougeres and Vire also there would be an old cocks race together with an old hens race liberated with the young bird races from Chale and Carentan.

I would like to personally thank the transport committee  namely John Gilbert, secretary Jon Dodd for all their hard work in getting everything in place to enable the Club to function in race mode.

Also a big thank to all the marking station officials and the markers who have given their services in what is a difficult situation given the ongoing social distancing regulations. Thank you also to the  clock station officers who had to go the extra mile following a weekend holdover.

Finally thank you to all the members who supported the race and I hope we put a smile on your face when you look at the prize money paid out, in relation to other organisations the Club should feel well satisfied, the Club has never looked to make money from members entry fees, and have always tried to pay out as much as possible from the race income after expenses and I can report the prize money pot is a very healthy £8000 plus a £1500 bonus sanctioned by Mark our treasurer. Thank you everyone and good luck with the racing.

Stay safe, Tony Whitehurst-President     




south west section 983 birds 69 members
south centre section 858 birds 55 members 
south east section 977 birds 79 members
north east section 1082birds 88 members
north centre section 546 birds  50 members 
north west section 2190 birds , 175 members
total 6692   members 513 members