Please note;
Clock Station; Derbyshire South no.60
Due to unforeseen circumstances will not be available
this season.
I am sorry for any inconvenience
Tony Whitehurst



With the COVID-19 pandemic slowly getting better and now able to train our pigeons, the prospect of racing our pigeons is high on every fanciers agenda. The latest information is that we may be able to race our pigeons after the 1st. June and with this in mind the committee has made the following decision. The first race will be on Saturday 4th. July from Carentan , second race on Saturday 18th July from Fougeres and a third race on Saturday 1st August from Vire.

The committee also decided that there will be on old cocks race as well as an old hens race liberated with the young birds races from Chale and Carentan. The old cocks race will be flown with the same prize money allocations as the old hens race.

The RPRA are currently working on a protocol for the safe marking of the pigeons which they will announce soon but with the safe distance rule staying in place there will be obstacles to overcome and race marking could take longer and I would ask all members for their patience and consideration for the marking station workers.

Handbook update; we could not have gone to print at a worse time and there has been all kind of problems to overcome but I have been assured that the handbooks will be ready before the end of the month and will be sent out as soon as possible thereafter.

Take care, stay safe.

Tony Whitehurst-President

Hello members,
I am sure that there will be some of you wondering when will the handbook be arriving, this is where we are at the moment, after a very difficult month of March collating the handbook and getting all the adverts in and then the proof reading finally approved we were confronted with the forced shutdown of companies due to the covid-19 pandemic.

We have now found a printer to do the printing and the handbooks will be started after the Easter break, I am told that this work will be carried out by the printer himself, due to staff having to be furloughed and will take about two/three weeks and I am hopeful you will start receiving your handbooks by the second week in May.

The handbook will only be sent out to members who have paid their subscriptions, so to members who have overlooked their subscription payment this is a polite reminder.

Tony Whitehurst-President


The committee meeting was held at the ‘Clock’ Shardlow on Sunday 16th February, first task was to have the committee photo taken by Chris Sutton unfortunately due to the terrible weather and flooding  and some of the committee unable to attend, the team photo will be a bit short of bodies this year. I would personally like to thank Chris for braving the elements and doing a great job.    

Computer Programme: The Club is now using the TPRS programme which is available from the RPRA and our secretary and treasurer have had training sessions with a very capable young man Joe Gravil who is helping them to understand the foibles of the programme, it is planned to simulate some races before the main events start and iron out any problems that might occur.          

Chale YB & Old Hen Races: These races were confirmed and the price of birdage at Chale will be £3 for both YB’s and Old Hens. Discussing the way forward with the Old Hens race and the fact that the last time they were held there were less than 200 birds entered it was also accepted that the Old Hens race would be an Open race only and there would be four prizes paid out 40%, 30%, 20% & 10%. The set up of the race and prize money distribution will be reviewed at the September committee meeting. Hours of darkness at Chale will be 20.18 to 06.00                                                         

Yearling Races: The committee were happy to support an extra race this year and these will be flown from Carentan, Fougeres, Nort-sur-Erdre and Vire  prize money will be the same as 2019.         

Presentation evening 2020: The presentation has been confirmed and will be at the Doncaster Racecourse on Saturday 14th November 2020, accommodation can be booked at the Hilton Garden Inn, Doncaster Racecourse booking details will be in the handbook.                                                              

Marking Stations: The marking stations at ‘Seven Lakes’ N. Lincs and Kings Lynn have closed and finding suitable venues is proving difficult, I can report we have secured a venue at Barton-upon-Humber and are looking for members to run the station, we are looking for a suitable venue in the Doncaster area which is proving difficult and if any member out there knows of somewhere that might be suitable please get in touch with me or Jon Dodd.                                                                         

Treasurers Report: Mark gave a detailed report and the Club is now in a sound financial position with over 80 new members, 60,000 rings sold and twenty school memberships and the Club will give a trophy to the school with the  best average in the, Carentan, Fougeres, Nort-sur-Erdre & Vire. He also proposed that the Club give a minimum £1000 per race as extra prize money which the committee endorsed.                                                                                                                                         

Sponsorship: The committee would like to thank COUNTRYWIDE CORN who have provided one ton of corn for the past fifteen years to feed the pigeons at the race points and  will be doing so again this year, I can also add they have donated £200 to the ‘Yearling Classic Races’.

John Murray has increased his sponsorship to three ‘iPigeon’ clocks to be competed for in the BAMFORDS TOP FLIGHT NATIONAL-CARENTAN; COUNTRYWIDE CORN NATIONAL- FOUGERES & DON McKAY MEMORIAL NATIONAL- CARENTAN YB’s, entry will be a £2 unlimited nomination, thank you John.

There has been a Special prize nominated by Tony Byrne from the ‘BARCELONA ONE LOFT RACE’ the prize is a team of FOUR FULLY ACTIVATED PIGEONS to enter the Barcelona racing at his loft next year 2021. The prize will be won by the outright winner of the Bordeaux race from the three participating Clubs, British International Championship Club, The Welsh South Road National Club and the Midlands National Flying Club.                                                                                                                            

Good luck in 2020

Tony Whitehurst                  




Please take a look at the new sections map bellow:

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