MNFC Update 5.3.17

Midlands National Flying Club Update

‘Things are Looking Good’

Well the other day the membership figure for the coming season showed a significant increase on the 2016 figure. The Z prefixed rings have nearly all been sold so it is looking like yet another seasonal increase in ring sales. This must point to the fact that by and large the Club must be doing things right. Our prize money is a large attraction but I feel that the main attraction is the confidence that we look after our members’ pigeons by never overcrowding the crates and employing the best weather experts. It isn’t cheap but we are very aware that we are carrying an extremely valuable cargo. Members can be assured that we will never compromise on either of these features. Sometimes we get a few complaints when we hold the birds when others choose to liberate but 90% of the time we are proved to have made the correct call because though we try and encourage our members to pool and gamble on their pigeons we on the other hand will never gamble with these birds!

New Convoyer

We have recently heard from our convoyer Ian French that he has decided to step down from his position for the coming season. This is a disappointment as Ian has served the Club well and helped to give us good racing since he joined our ranks. That said we are negotiating with a man who has a vast wealth of experience as both a driver and convoyer so we are confident that the transition will be as seamless as possible.


As you read these notes members who had won diplomas should have received them. As I explained previously there was a frustrating glitch that was causing the problem. Then following an appeal to the RPRA by one of our membership against a Positive drug test (not by the MNFC I hasten to add) and so this meant that until a judgment was made that it was impossible to send out the diplomas as placing could have changed as the partnership had won prizes in the Midlands National. Finally after a long delay the appeal has been allowed but the reasons behind this decision are still very unclear which I find particularly disappointing for all of the parties concerned. Let’s just hope that these reasons become apparent and any mistakes in the testing operations be eliminated otherwise what point is there in carrying out the tests?

Personally I think that the councillors should bear in mind that we are all compulsory members of the RPRA and so deserve to know what is going on, warts and all.

Get Well Soon

Our President Roy Jones and Committee member Don Mackay have both recently been admitted to hospital and we all, I’m sure, wish them a speedy return to better health. So get well soon chaps.

E T S Pads

I had a gentleman come to our stand last week at Doncaster who was most concerned that several traps on sale were not complying with the rule covering the correct positioning of the timing pads. So just be observant folks as don’t want anyone being disqualified for this reason.

MNFC One Loft Update

                                                                   Ron & Tate Worsdall the first to bring in their birds
'Blue' Wallett & Bob Pinches full of praise when they brought in the 'Cannock' syndicates birds.


The first arrivals have been received this week and the people who brought them are delighted with the lofts overall design. One gentleman George ‘Blue’ Wallett commented “I’m pleased to see that you have plenty of ventilation available because after all fresh air is about the only thing that you can get for free so get plenty of it I say”. I went over to speak to these people to gauge their opinions and believe me there was not one concern in regard to the set up in fact one or two have decided to enter a couple of extra birds now they have seen the lofts for themselves. In addition people are happy with the information that is currently being given out on both Facebook and on the MNFC website. It is our intention to keep the info coming right through and onto the race final as we realised that the news coverage was lacking in 2016. This matter has now been addressed.

The first two entrants sent from Kings Lynn by John Pratt. 

I wonder if one of these could be the first bird in the final also?

The many positive comments have been music to our ears as a heck of a lot of effort has gone into offering competing fanciers the very best in One Loft racing. There are still a few days before the booking date closes on the 15th March with the birds being allowed up to the 21st April. You can download and print an application form by clicking on the One Loft Race 2017 button and then the Application Form button.  We have also launched our ‘Fancy a Flutter’ scheme where non-fanciers who find the idea of ‘owning’ a bird can lease one for the future competitions with the prospect of winning a nice cash windfall. More details of this venture can also be found under the One Loft Race 2017 button.

The Loft Managers vaccinating the birds on their arrival.  At the same they have their ETS rings fitted and are treated for lice etc. A couple of days later they have the Schroeder+ Tollisan

                                                                                                 Mike Lakin