MNFC Getting Ready for 2017

                    MNFC  GETTING  READY  FOR  2017

The last few months have been a real challenge for the Club with not only all of the usual things like collating the new handbook which is always a major job with all the necessary updates and changes which believe me is a lot of work. Then we have to get it out to the paid members and we have found this is best despite the extra work involved to post them out ourselves because when we have contracted this task out the amount of none arrivals was a major cause of concern. So for the last couple of years a few of the Club’s Committee and a couple of friends had taken on this daunting operation.  Additionally there has been a good amount of maintenance work carried out by a small number of our Committee which brings home to me that the MNFC’s members are indeed fortunate to have such an excellent Committee. These guys are carrying out this extra work for our members benefit. Sometimes I think a few of our membership seem to forget that 90% of our Committee carry out this work for no financial return and it is quite galling to hear of their petty complaints.

2017 MNFC Handbook

It may be of interest that by my reckoning our 20 or so strong committee has a total age of over 1,300 years between them, which averages out at over 65 years. So I think this is damn good for a team of ‘owd uns’. Seriously over the last decade or so this Committee has done a sterling job to elevate both the Club and its image. This year several of our number have been fighting various illnesses and so it would be good if good new blood came forward to carry our good work on into the future but I emphasis the word GOOD because we want people who want to work for the Club and not for any personal gains other than the satisfaction of having done a Good Job. The Midlands National is like an elite football club we are always looking to make ‘new signings’ but we only want ‘players who will improve our team’!

Looking at the many things that the Club has on offer I would like to highlight the ‘2 Bird Nominated Races’. Last year we had a problem producing a  separate result for these races but I am told that this has now been sorted and so I would urge members to once again support these races because as well as the possibility of good prizemoney there is, don’t forget, also good prizemoney and a nice award for the race winners. On the continent much praise is heaped on these Nominated race winners because they believe that it highlights the skill of picking your bird and it is all on a level playing field.

One of the biggest gripes that I hear is the decline of pool money prizes. This though is entirely due, in my humble opinion, to the change of mind set of fanciers and modern day National racing. In the days of yore fanciers tended to enter a small team of 3 - 5 birds and each bird normally had a ‘few bob’ next to their ring number. Today the entries tend to be far larger but far less of the number is pooled. Why is that the case? I can almost hear you cry. Well I was reliably informed a while back that in 1965 the first year after its formation the entry fee charged by the Midlands National was 1 Guinea, which for our younger members is £1.05p which if you equate this figure into today’s money, if you will pardon the pun, it is nearly £25! Could you just imagine the reaction if we announced a price increase up to this figure!! Yes times have certainly changed but it isn’t the Club’s fault because the pools columns are still there awaiting you to put your crosses in them.

Following a phone call as I was writing these notes in regard to 2017 Clock Stations I would advise all members have a squint at page 26 of the new handbook to check where your nearest station is to be found. It may also be worth checking the Marking Station times just in case the marking times have altered. Also please remember the change of the verification time which is now 30 minutes. So don’t get caught out on this one.

The Committee hope that members like our new look handbook and read through it because there is plenty of interesting info, adverts and nostalgia and please do as the words say on the front cover and ‘Reach for the Sky & Dare to Dream’.

MNFC One Loft Race Latest News

The Loft Managers tell me that a few days ago a list of all of the birds that have been entered into the Club’s 2017 One Loft race series. In total as can be seen if you either go onto the Club’s Website or have joined the MNFC Facebook site that there are just over 450 entries in the loft. The Club is very satisfied with this number in view of the fact that the race was only sanctioned after the AGM which meant that we were always going to be playing ‘catch up’ and so many people who would have no doubt supported the venture had already sent their bookings into other similar One Loft races. These facts will be great news for those that have supported us because pigeon for pigeon the prizemoney that we are offering will probably over shadow the competition.

Also the number will obviously help Snooker & Alan, the loft managers, ease into the job as though they are vastly experienced fanciers, One Loft races are a completely different ‘kettle of fish’. That said visitors to the lofts are all very complimentary about how well the inmates are looking and the design of the lofts.

A few of the early entrants enjoying a spin around the lofts

The latest news is that all of the inmates have now been allowed out. The early arrivals which are all in one wing of the loft with some as can be seen from the attached photograph are now flying quite strongly. The second string of later arrivals are in the other wing and have now been out a couple of times but are currently kept separate from the older birds. As soon as they are also flying confidently all will be exercised together and a new list of birds that are in the loft will be updated because though the lads aren’t aware of any losses they, as all experienced fanciers, will know that a small percentage will no doubt go AWOL with one already having been reported and repatriated back into the loft.

One thing that many raised concerns about especially on the media lines that the wires would be a grave danger have proved to be no great problem as the birds are negotiating them without any problems without a single casualty as I write this update. This is no surprise to us and those who have cared to come over because the electricity company have done a super job of fitting discs on the wires that are situated near to the lofts. 

So entrants can be both confident and content in the knowledge that their birds are in excellent hands.



                                                                                                                   Mike Lakin