MNFC AGM Report & Results

     Midlands National AGM Report & Results

First of all let me on behalf of the Club’s Committee I would like to wish all of our members a Happy New Year. It is certainly hoped that 2017 gives us better weather than the one that has just gone by. On now to the AGM which was held on Sunday the 8th January at the Derby Conference Centre as our usual headquarters ‘The Clock Warehouse’ is currently being refurbished.

There were a few members in attendance along with the Committee members, which they are welcome to do as the MNFC is no secret service or closed shop and we would certainly welcome good, hard working additions especially in several of our lesser supported sections as after all representatives from all sections has got to be beneficial to all areas of the Club’s radius. There was just one casualty with Brian Smith from the West section stepping down from the Committee due to work demands. I am sorry about this as Brian was a representative of a large section and new blood to represent the Western side would be excellent news.

There was a new member added to the Committee from the South Centre section in the form of Tony Brown who has been helping the club at the shows etc and Tony in fact built the mock loft that we used to promote our ‘Flying Back to Nature’ project.

The Club’s accountant Mr Tim Mourne answered a few questions and queries in regard to the Balance Sheet. Additionally he explained that though the ‘One Loft’ Balance Sheet showed a deficit in the accounts the fact was in reality that now since a deal has been struck to sell the loft that the One Loft series has resulted in a small profit. So as I wrote recently the venture hasn’t cost the non-competing members a single penny.

Moving on to the Propositions and from the 19 that the Club received 3 were successful. The actual voting figures are attached on the bottom of this report.

Let’s now highlight the changes that have been voted in for the future which are: 7 - Rule 27 verification time has been cut from 60 minutes to 30minutes. Personally I feel that this is a sensible change because today we all either have a house phone, a mobile or a laptop. In the past it often meant a long trip to a pay phone and the possibility of missing an arrival.

The next successful proposal was number 10 - which read ‘Any member having their arrival times published by a third party website prior to the official publication of the MNFC Leaderboard may be disqualified from the race.’ The thoughts behind this proposal is one of security which has been highlighted can never be too much. The third and final proposal to get the members seal of approval was number 12 - which means that in 2018 there will only be one full MNFC young bird race which will be flown from Northern France with a second ‘Treble Chance’ type race from a similar race point two or three weeks later.

2017 Race Programme

The programme voted in for 2017 with the dates is as follows:

Old Birds

20th May Coutances,  10th June Fougères,   1st July Ancenis,    22nd July Bordeaux / Vire

Young Birds

2nd Sept Chale,   16th Sept Coutances


Ballot Results      

                                          For             Against

Prop   1                           17                 181                            failed

          2                            17                 180                             “

          3                            17                 179                             “ 

          4                            58                 140                             “

          5                            83                 117                             “

          6                            53                 143                             “

          7                          126                   81                            carried

          8                            36                 166                            failed

          9                            44                 157                             “

        10                           121                    8                            carried

        11                             58                124                            failed

        12                           103                100                            carried

        13                             83                120                            failed

        14                             78                115                             “

        15                             46                131                             “

        16                             67                117                             “

        17                             54                129                             “

        18                             51                138                             “

        19                             61                134                       

    (Variations in voting figures are due to number of abstensions)

                                                                                                  Mike Lakin