Coutances 21.5.17 Flash Report

      The MNFC gets off to a Real Flying Start in 2017

I‘m sure that most of its members will agree that the Club’s first race from Coutances was a quick one. The Western side in particular took advantage of what is nearly always the defining factor which is the wind direction. This certainly was the case once again on this occasion when the near 9,000 entry, which were liberated at 7.45am, were clearly affected by the Easterly influence that was blowing on the channel.

The likely winner, flying up to the top end of the West section, dropped onto the loft of the highly respected brothers Bob & Brian Smith of Burtonwood who clocked a yearling which records a provisional velocity of 1808 for the 308 miles long journey. Close on their bird’s heels or should that read wings? is a bird belonging to the Scouse loft of Dickie Spring & Son. Obviously I will cover both of these birds and all of the other winners in all of the other sections in a week or two but I will need your help, so if your name is in the top four places in your section on the section leader board, that accompanies this short piece, then please get in touch. The contact details will appear on the bottom of this short piece.

Brian & Bob all smiles after a fantastic day.

Right, back to the opening race which was marshalled by a new team with the tried and tested Mark Francis being joined by a very experienced driver and convoyer in the form of George Gooch who, older fanciers will no doubt be aware, was one of the family that owned and ran the highly respected Catteralls transport who at the time were ‘kings of the road’ in pigeon transportation. Assisting George is a young man Adam Burton. This team I’m reliably informed got on like the proverbial ‘house on fire’. So the membership can be content that their race birds are in excellent hands. Welcome aboard the good ship MNFC gents.

The birds were held over on the Saturday due to the high risk of localised heavy rain and possible thunderstorms. Added to that was the assurance of a good day to follow and with this in mind the decision was made to look to a Sunday liberation. That said returns were rather spasmodic for many members which must be due to the fact that the afore mentioned Easterly wind on the channel pushed the birds over to the Western coast line with many birds crossing into Devonshire and so into previously unchartered territory. That is really all that I can think of because weather wise conditions were excellent.

There were a few grumbling regarding the Leaderboard which was not activated until late in the afternoon. I’m sorry but the Club feels that this measure has to be taken as a step towards race security.  Behind the scenes this is just one of several items that are being introduced to tighten our race security. Sadly when there is considerable money on offer human nature means that there will always be a very small minority that could be tempted to cheat. With this in mind we are just trying to remove the possible temptation. So to anyone who maybe tempted in anyway my advice is quite simply don’t do it!

So I will now leave you to study the attached Provisional Open and Section results (click here) and if your name is in the top four please send me a photo of you and or your bird with a few details of interest. Email me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or ring me on 01782 624440 but an email is best as you can’t send a photo down a telephone!

                                                                                                               Mike Lakin