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Ace Pigeon Result 2017




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Midlands National One Loft ‘Hotspot’ 1 Race


 Competitors arriving to view the hotspot race

The arrival of the pigepns from the Hotspot 1 Race flown from Tewksbury Wednesday 16th August.

The first training race of the 2017  series was flown from Tewkesbury on Wednesday the 16th August when the birds were liberated at 9.30am into a moderate Southerly breeze. In view of the losses that all fanciers country wide have had to endure the entry of 310 birds for the race plus another 10 which were deemed as unfit to race as they had only returned in the last couple of days and so it was felt quite wisely by the Management team to allow them to rest and recuperate for the challenges that await later in the series. When one considers that the birds have received over 30 preparatory training flights and there are still nearly ¾ of the original entry still in the loft it is a good indication to both the quality and general condition of the birds. This is testimony that Snook and Alan the Management team are doing an excellent job in their first year in the job.

It was pleasing to see so many entrants and their friends come to watch the birds arrival for this first 72 mile race and many were calculating their arrival time after Snook reported that the birds had taken just half a turn and headed off for home bang on line. With this in mind it was expected for the leading birds to get close to speeds of a mile a minute. They were not to be disappointed when they spotted a large batch of pigeons at 10.40am sky high but they were pipped by a small clique homing below them and it was one of these that went over the pads first at This bird entered by Mr & Mrs John Pratt  achieving a speed of 1777.466 and lifting £681 in prize and pool money. Followed by a Chequer hen belonging to Forge Loft A less than 3 seconds behind taking the £250 prize.

The remaining prize winners were 3rd Paul Lockley £150, 4th P Robinson £100 and Mylie-Jo, David Paine, Mr & Mrs McLaughlin & Son and Connor & Son each winning £50 in prizemoney. It is worth noting that these birds were only split by less than 3 yards with several only a hundredth of a second apart! In total 86 youngsters were clocked in less than a minute behind the leading bird. With over 200 birds back home before 11.00am just 19 minutes behind the leading bird.

A humorous moment was when Alan phoned Beverley his good lady who had accompanied Snook to liberate the pigeons to tell her that the first birds were back and said to her ‘When you get back get straight in the shower and put your perfume on!’

Over the next couple of hours small kits of pigeons arrived home and quite a few that had obviously enjoyed themselves so much that they had flown passed were coming back out of the North. Perhaps these birds will have learned plenty from their mistake and be amongst the leaders from the next ‘Hotspot’ race which is planned for just six days time from Hullavington. By nightfall a mere handful of birds were still AWOL.

This was another big stepping stone leading up to getting as many birds as possible to the Grand final on the 10th September from Coutances in good shape and well prepared and then it will all be down to the ‘weather gods’ and the birds to conquer the severe 277 mile test. Stealing a phrase from the football managers, the one Loft team can also say ‘we train and prepare them but when they cross the white line it’s down to the players’.

Mike Lakin

One Loft update Monday 14th 09.45pm

The marking list has been uploaded and is called Hotspot Marking List 1. The liberation details will be uploaded tomorrow and we will keep updating the site with arrival times. Good luck everyone.



One Loft update Monday 14th 09.45pm

Our first Hotspot 1 race from Tewksbury will take place Wednesday 16th as Tuesday's weather forecast is not good. The following birds are in the recovery shed and will not be entered for this first race. A full marking list will be posted tomorrow evening.

Hotspot 1 Recovery

 One Loft update Thursday 10th 18.15pm

Final Training list has been uploaded from this afternoon's training flight. The first hotspot race is scheduled for Tuesday 15th August, weather permitting. Further updates will be added during the next few days. A full marking list will be published prior to the race. Today's training list can be accessed at http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults MNFC One Loft Results. The latest training list should appear at the top of MNFC One Loft Results. (They are now sorted on date). The MNFC One Loft list is the full list of birds currently in the loft in team alphabetical order. The loft list is also located at http://www.mnfc.org.uk/one-loft-content/training-list-update  For pool information please look at the following information. http://www.mnfc.org.uk/2015-12-11-17-1…/one-loft-pools-entry Let's hope the weather is fine for Tuesday. 

One Loft Pools

The MNFC hotspot race will take place on Tuesday 15th August from Tewksbury, weather permitting. A loft list will be updated Thursday 10th August following the last training flight before the race. This should help inform pooling. The full race marking list will be uploaded Monday evening once marking has been completed. Pool sheets can be downloaded at http://www.mnfc.org.uk/2015-12-11-17-1…/one-loft-pools-entryinstructions are on the sheets. Prize money and pool money will be paid out as soon as the statutory race rules have cleared.


Loft List

There are 316 birds in the loft on Sunday 6th August 2017. Please look at http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults or  http://www.mnfc.org.uk/one-loft-content/training-list-update 

The loft list is in alphabetical order. 


One Loft Pools

The One Loft pool entry sheet can be downloaded at http://www.mnfc.org.uk/2015-12-11-17-1…/one-loft-pools-entry

Please select the pool sheet and read instructions and post to address on the form. The first hotspot race is scheduled for 15th August Tewksbury.

MNFC One Loft Prize Money

Hotspot Races Prize Money = £1200 per race

  • 1st   £500
  • 2nd  £250
  • 3rd   £150
  • 4th   £100
  • 5th   £50
  • 6th   £50
  • 7th   £50
  • 8th   £50


Final Race = £23,000 

  • 1st   £13,000
  • 2nd  £5,000
  • 3rd   £2,500
  • 4th   £1,000
  • 5th   £500
  • 6th   £250
  • 7th   £100
  • 8th.  £100
  • 9th.  £100
  • 10th £100
  • 11th £100
  • 12th  £50
  • 13th  £50
  • 14th  £50
  • 15th. £50
  • 16th  £50

MNFC OL Committee

Hotspot 3 Kingsdown Result

The full result has now been updated on the website at http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults
Hotspot Result 3 Kingsdown. Only 50 birds made it home in race time which is 300ypm and therefore will qualify for prize and pool money. Any pool money with is not won must be claimed. I will also do my best to identify competitors which fit into this category. You may wish to transfer the money to the final race or we can send a refund cheque to you. We will update the arrivals list with the birds which have returned today. The last time I looked there were 5! Let's hope for more. They are steadily working their way back. 
The list with 89 birds from the two days has been left on the MNFC site at for now. It will be updated to the Full result later this evening.


One Loft Training from Tewksbury 04/08/2017

The training flight list has been updated. Numbers 282 – 308 were in the recovery shed. The training lists can be viewed at  http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults please select MNFC One Loft. The lists are numbered and dated. 


The birds were liberated today from Tewksbury a distance of 72 miles at 11.00am The training list can be viewed at  http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults please select MNFC One Loft and today’s is training list 5. Later the birds which are in the recovery section did not participate in today’s training flight will be scanned and the list updated. We will put a post on at the same time to notify you.


One Loft Training from Worcester 31/07/2017

This is the final list for today’s training from Worcester has been uploaded. Birds from 296 until 309 the were in the recovery section and did not go to the training flight. Overall there are 4 birds missing from 58 miles. Let’s hope they work their way back. The training list can be accessed at http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults please select MNFC One Loft and today’s is training list 4.


The birds were liberated all together at Worcester at 11.10. Whilst the birds were away a late pigeon arrived home and is showing on the training list. There are 20 birds which did not go to the race as they are in the recovery section. We will give an updated list after each training flight from now on.  The list can be accessed at http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults please select MNFC One Loft and today’s is training list 4.


One Loft List 30/07/2017

The loft list has been uploaded and can be viewed at http://www.mnfc.org.uk/one-loft-content/training-list-update There are 313 birds i the loft after this week's training. 

You can also observe the full loft list at http://wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults Please make sure you select MNFC Loft List. The list simply updates with the latest list and is dated. Your login details for the database will be emailed to you so that you can observe your individual bird’s performances. 

The birds are ready to commence training again this week weather permitting!! 


Hotspot and Final Race dates

The first, second and third hotspot races will take place on the following dates weather permitting and at the discretion of the loft manager. Updates will be given on the ‘One Loft Blog’ http://www.mnfc.org.uk/one-loft-reports/

and also the ‘One Loft Facebook Blog’ https://www.facebook.com/groups/155043724982192/

15th August 2017 – Tewksbury

22nd August 2017 – Hullavington

29th August 2017 - Poole

10th September 2017 - Final race Coutances.


One Loft Pools

A pdf pool sheet containing all 4 races will be added to the MNFC One Loft section on the website. http://www.mnfc.org.uk/2015-12-11-17-15-12/one-loft-pools-entry 


One loft list

The loft list of birds will be updated once per week. The next update will be tomorrow evening.  

The birds are now up to 25 miles but following 9 gradual build up flights at 3 x 3 miles, 3x 6 miles and 3x 15 miles when obviously a small number failed to home we took them to 25 miles on Wednesday when the birds homed well into the North wind that was blowing but the next day from the same location with a SW wind blowing we experienced a bad toss and we are aware that a number of birds are still AWOL though as I write this update birds are still arriving and in the main returning looking in good shape. We are at a loss to understand what went wrong as it was a good day with superb visibility, that was until a handful of birds returned with either secondary feathers or tail flights missing and two got back with dried blood on their feathers clearly showing the evidence of a close encounter with peregrines. This explains why the birds were coming so spasmodically and from all directions of the compass.
Hopefully more birds will continue to return and keep the losses to a minimum. As the loft manager I am bitterly disappointed as we didn't make a mistake and the inmates were doing everything that was being asked of them.
All this makes us realise once again that everytime the birds take to the air they are at the mercy of so many dangers such as wires, clashing and the dreaded hawk attack.
As I write this piece a bird has just been collected from 40 miles north of us.

The full list of birds that are still in the lofts will appear on both the website and Facebook ASAP and entrants will then know exactly which birds have returned safely but remember that HOPEFULLY we expect more returnees over the next few days.

P.S. As I was about to post this update another 'little soldier' has dropped onto the loft.

(You can join the FaceBook group and get further updates of the birds progress).