21. Unused:

22.1 The committee shall determine the number of races and the race dates as part of their management of the club. Members may propose the actual race points to be flown and any such proposals will be included on the ballot paper for voting prior to the Annual General Meeting.

22.2 All members at marking stations shall hand over to official marking committee full consignment of entry intact, to be taken out of basket or crate by officials of the marking committee.

22.3 One race each year must comply with the minimum flying distance of 451 miles to comply with claims for RPRA long distance category awards.

22.4 Members must take their pigeons to the marking stations nominated on their entry form unless any change be agreed by club secretaries or president. Race fees and pools are not returnable to members whose birds fail to arrive at the marking station.

22.5 The Committee have the power to veto any sites that are unsuitable for a MNFC Liberation (i.e. size, facilities or hazards) and substitute an alternative site. In the event of unfavourable weather conditions or other emergency, the President, after consultation with the convoyer and elected vice presidents, may authorise the birds to be moved to and liberated at a more suitable race point.

In all races other than the longest race, after a three day holdover and little chance of liberation on the following day, the convoyer will bring the birds back for liberation at a more suitable site.

22.6 The longest race of the old bird programme may be liberated on a Friday.

23. Pools. Two series of pools for SECTION and OPEN competition shall be organised by the committee with entries at £1, £2, £3, £4, £5, £10, £15, £20, £25 and £30. Members have a choice of any or all options. One prize will be paid for every 15 entries for pools £1 - £10 and one prize for every 8 entries for pools £15 - £30.

Plus a £5 single bird nomination and £2.00 unlimited nomination, winner take all. 10% deducted from all pools and nominations before allocation.

PART A of the entry form must reach the secretary or his nominee on or before the dates specified, pool entries may not be altered or added to after receipt of the same.

PART B of the entry form must be handed in with the birds at the time of marking.

24.1 Gold Ring Scheme: The club will organise a gold ring race in conjunction with the longest young bird race. Members will be limited to 10 rings per loft at £6 (six pounds) per ring. Rings transferred to other members will make them invalid for the gold ring race.

The total from the sale of gold rings (minus expenses and 10% administration costs) to be paid out in prizes for the longest young bird race. Prize money be 30% open, payable in three prizes (15% 10% 5%) with the remainder to the sections, pro-rata to rings sold. 15 prizes per section split 20%, 2 @ 10% and 12 @ 5%. Open gold ring winners are eligible for section prizes.

24.2 Gold rings must have a separate letter to identify them from normal club rings and a separate result. Amount of rings sold and prize money to be published before the race.

25.1 Diplomas: The first 100 birds in the open result of each race shall receive a diploma plus any bird taking a position in the first 20 of each section not appearing in the first 100.

25.2 A roll of honour, listing the names of all past open winners of the club shall be printed in the rule book.

25.3 A Diploma of Distinction be awarded to any bird placed in the first 100 open positions from the longest race on three separate occasions. Claims must be made in writing within one month of the qualifying performance being issued.

25.4 In the 2005 member’s handbook and in each subsequent year thereafter, a detailed list of cups and awards shall be printed that are being raced for.

In the 2005 member’s handbook, and in each subsequent year thereafter, an exact definition shall be printed, of which races constitute the various categories of averages.

25.5 All perpetual trophies will be returned to the secretary or any committee member before the 30th September each year.

25.6 Any satellite races i.e. old hens, hens or yearling races flown on the same day and in conjunction with the main race, shall not be included in any Midlands National Flying Club averages.

25.7 The Treble Chance young bird race shall not be included in any Midlands National Flying Club averages.

26. All race distances will be obtained by the secretary directly from the RPRA from loft numbers supplied by the members.

27. Verifications: Within 30 minutes of timing their first arrival, competitors must contact the secretary, either by telephone or on-line, giving the details of their Section Number, Name, Clocking Time, (Hours, Minutes, Seconds) and the Ring Number of the bird. Failure to carry out the procedure will result in disqualification.

27.1 Any bird may be physically verified by the secretary, or whosoever appointed as a deputy for verification, birds must be alive and will be released within 100 yards of the competitor's loft.


28. Unwon Pools and Prizes: In the event of guaranteed prize money not being won through insufficient arrivals at the close of the race, such prizes shall remain with the Club. In the event of insufficient arrivals to claim pools then the pools be re-allocated amongst those successful entries. Any pools not won be returned to the members who entered these pools, less the 10% administration. Race fees and pools are not returnable to members whose birds fail to arrive at the marking station.


29. Claims: The secretary will deal with claims made in writing for positions, pools and prizes from published race results. Items that are unable to be resolved by mutual agreement between the secretary and the member will be deemed a grievance or objection under rule 9.